#Hokkolorob: A Hope For Progressive Kolkata!

When the entire country is shaken by the brutal attacks of the West Bengal Police, on the students of Jadavpur University, one finds a latest trend among a chosen group of people, in our society:

If you want to be featured in some of the latest magazines, blog posts or articles, all you need to do is, to wear short dresses, half pants, carry a cigarette in hand and probably have a tattoo or a hair color! Yes, that’s it! You can be sure that you will be featured as one of the most indecent, shameless, infamous student of Jadavpur University, irrespective of your behavior, nature or code of conduct in the academic institution!

Bravo Kolkata! The same city, which have been overwhelmed by the speech of our beloved CM, when she promised to turn out city into London! Well, my point is, exactly how does our CM plan to do the transformation? Is it only in terms of infrastructure, keeping constant the patriarchal domination? Or was she promising us a free Kolkata, from the tyranny of those demons, who treat women as items?JU-4-360x240

I being an ex-student of Jadavpur University, take pride in our academic institution, since it respects individual rights, and freedom (even if you are a female)! If cigarette smoking is injurious to health, it affects both male and female students in the same manner!

# I would like to request these people, please concentrate on BIOLOGY, first, before coming out with such weird ideas!

Secondly, can you please define a “decent” dress in the campus? I mean does it essentially mean covering up our entire body, or you mean loose apparels? Well, I have seen women being teased in road even if they wear salwar, just because she was beautiful.

# Would you suggest we should burn our face with acid so that we don’t get raped?

I have heard that in Miami beach, even if you lie naked in the sun, no one would ever dare to touch you against your will. Then, it is absolutely pointless to talk about adrenal rush! Half of the people would scream, this is Kolkata, not Miami! My point is these men are also human beings and I hope they won’t be considered as  impotent, because they don’t force women or molest them?

Moreover, when the professors, staffs and even the panwalas of Jadavpur are not discomforted by the dressing sense of the students, what exactly is their problem?

Thirdly, I really don’t understand the logic that a tattoo makes a woman dirty or slutty type? I find it an interesting and innovative form of art, which has been existing in our culture, since time immemorial! These days, it has also opened up new avenues of profession for numerous youths, who are passionate about painting!

# I hope it is not better to be unemployed than being a tattoo artist?

The whole point behind the entire discussion is that, you, me and everybody want a safe and secured Kolkata for women, so that we can set example for others, even if you hate these students for being like this! So, why do you criticize our struggle by pinpointing some illogical and irrelevant issues? Today it is an unknown student, tomorrow it can be your daughter, daughter in law or your granddaughter, where can you hide your face then? If you can’t join in, at least don’t misinterpret our efforts this way, since we are free from all sorts of political issues! We want to see, a safe campus, Kolkata, and a safe India at the end of the day!JU2-360x240


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