Adieu my friend! Ratz

They say“a friend in need is a friend indeed”; but how do I define a friend, who is more than a best friend , or a brother?
During the school days, I used to feel this guy is typical  “padaku type,” boring, snobbish and introvert! I might have never ever interacted with you, unless we shared a common passion. I swear I still miss, and am gonna miss( throughout my life) the amazing dance partner ever: the person who waited for me for hours in the scorching heat before the rehearsal, who never said, “NO” whenever I asked to practice with me for achieving perfection or even if I did wrong steps repeatedly!

This particular guy dared to take the risk of gathering books instantly from the central library of Jadavpur University, and teach a novice person who had absolutely no clue about an entire political science paper (except the name of the subject), but had an exam next day! (I even passed the paper with commendable marks!)This is a guy, who motivated me during that particular phase of my life, when I had no one to guide me! He is the one, who almost dragged me to appear for the entrance exam of JU! He is the one, who always listened patiently and encouraged my independent venture..and PHEW…a lot more to pen down!
7-8 years is not really enough to judge a person, but it is not even very little to realize the intimate bond we share! We haven’t met every week, every month, partying or hanging out clicking “selfie”s often, We might have forgotten each other’s birthdays almost every year, and then we called and abused each other! We might have planned several reunions and eventually dropped the plans at the last moment!
But, there hasn’t been a single decision which I have taken without your expertise comments; be it extremely personal problem or a professional one!
Now that, he is about to leave Kolkata, I suddenly feel so blank! I mean, I still can’t believe that I am about to lose one of the most important assets of my life! Whenever something important happened in my life I had to call you, and vomit the entire event..And things, which I was unable to express, you always read my mind, I don’t know how! Am really sorry, for all the time I forgot your birthdays, the endless plans that I spoiled almost every time, and lastly for leaving you alone at my sister’s marriage despite knowing the fact how you managed to come! I am really sorry for everything as I always thought I will get time enough to hang out with you once everything settles down, and eventually that time never came!
Lastly, wish you all the best for your future, coz even though you are succeeding in life, you still deserve THE BEST!


PS: This post is an old one!


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