Being a freelance blogger and content writer, I have been frustrated and bored of developing boring web-contents and SEO contents since time immemorial! Lately I have been blessed with innovative blogs on parenting; and it actually makes my day!
Probably, it was the day before yesterday, I advised the would-be parents to learn the tricks of educating the young ones, without even letting them know; and it is needless to say that there is no alternative to music in this respect.
I remember how, my little brother, slowly began to respond to the rhythmic tunes of the Nursery Rhymes. Being completely unaware of these secret parental tips, at the age of sixteen I used to wonder, why my aunt used to play the popular nursery rhyme dvds, on a regular basis, even when why brother was unable to comprehend them. However, I used to enjoy seeing his wide open eyes, staring at the ceiling fan or the colorful gaming items by Fisher Price!
Slowly, as he began to roll, move and crawl, even though he became mischievous, the best possible method to control him was to turn on “Humpy Dumpty sat on a wall” ! Thereafter, it became his favorite pastime.


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At times, I used to sing London Bridge is falling down whenever I found him upset for some reason; or when he rejected his regular meals or other routine activities… I still cherish the peculiar way in which he used to settle down in the corner of the bed, and move his hands cutely (almost like dancing).


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I don’t remember exactly the day when he sang for the first time, but I remember the pride in which my chest often swelled when my little brother performed beautifully these nursery rhymes and danced endlessly! As I was glancing through the colorful cutest videos at Kids Hut, today I went back almost 8-9 years down the line and relived the moments! Thanks to Blogadda and Kids Hut, for the wonderful experience!

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