Rising Above The Fears With Mountain Dew, India!


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Ever since my childhood, I have been marked as the most notorious kid (amongst the community I grew up, my school and everywhere). Since I was admitted to a very strict girl’s school of my locality, most of the time my parents (especially my mum) were called and humiliated by the teachers for my behavior, talkative and forgetful nature, lack of attention, and blah blah…


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As I grew up, it gradually gave birth to a sense of guilt consciousness in me (even though I was unable to figure out what was my fault):

Yes, I was weak in maths; I felt watching cricket outside my school window was better than answering the boring language questions; I was (occasionally) flattered by the compliments of the young boys in my locality and interacted normally with them (which was marked as a heinous crime by my teachers); I (seldom) forgot to carry the stationaries in school and loved to gossip with one or two close friends I had!


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Because of the limitless insults my mother had to bear and the mockery of the relatives or neighbors I was subjected to, I decided to compile my wish list and daydreams into a completely new world. I chose to interact less with people face to face, and was more interested in the virtual world of Orkut, Facebook or simply Calling,

I chose to interact less with people face to face, and was more interested in the virtual world of Orkut, Facebook or simply Calling, Smsing.

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 I preferred to sit in a corner of the classroom, and note down the lectures silently. Even if I had any doubt, I would rather call up my professor or text him after the class rather than putting up the question amidst the whole class (Most of the time I tried to clarify my doubt by Googling and finding other information sources like enotes.com). It is, needless to say, that I completed my graduation this way!

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As I entered the University, as a student of Masters, Film Studies it turned my world upside down! Almost every month, I was supposed to offer presentations (which was mandatory) and the classroom lectures or piles of notes wasn’t enough! I had to present my own argument and analysis in the examination paper, and that was practically impossible to put up without discussing with my professors.
Because I had a completely different background, compared to the genius fellow students around me, I found myself in grave danger!

I used to wait for the class lectures to be over, and caught the professors outside the room to clarify the points I made. But, this strategy did not last very long, as my classmates too came out often and joined a discussion.


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I, somehow struggled to cope up with it by group studies or discussion sessions with the seniors. But the blow came unexpectedly, about a month after the course!
One fine morning as I entered the classroom, I got to know that all the students are supposed to deliver a PowerPoint presentation in the Seminar room, in front of everybody (on a given topic), and that carried 10 marks!


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I found myself in a deadly fix!

The presentation was supposed to take place two days later. I worked hard day and night to lend it a sense of completeness, and finally it was done. But whenever, I rehearsed the same, my mouth dried up badly. Since there was no other choice, I told my dentist to write a report that I was unable to speak and hence, I will just play the presentation in the Seminar Hall.
PS: At that time, I was suffering from severe toothache because of my Wisdom Tooth; but, it is, needless to say, that the emotional trauma of delivering a presentation was all the more stressful.
At last, it was the presentation day! I sat quietly at the corner of the room and watched other students performing. While, some of my friends performed great and bagged high scores;  others became nervous and turned into the butt of a joke! I rehearsed everything in my mind and prayed silently to God.

When it was my turn, I got up with the pen drive, but my professor said that I should wait for the others to finish their presentations as I was unwell. I was overjoyed with the fact, that I was going to be the last candidate for delivering the presentation and the Seminar Hall might be less crowded at the end of the day.

I was overjoyed with the fact, that I was going to be the last candidate for delivering the presentation and the Seminar Hall might be less crowded at the end of the day.

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As I watched my friends presenting their papers and making the silliest mistakes, gradually I gained confidence to present my paper; but my turn never came!

When it was the time to wind up the event, ultimately my turn came. I marched confidently towards the table and began to deliver the presentation. To my utter disappointment, my professor stopped my presentation in the midway and asked me to wrap it up faster as I was unwell. Somehow, I curtailed the presentation into a short one and collapsed down in the chair!

Even though I was a bit sad, because I did not get the desirable amount of time to present my paper, I was happy that finally I did it! Thereafter, my professor praised me in front of the whole class for a particular point, which none of my classmates mentioned!


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This is how, I overcame my fear and nailed it! Fear of failure can lead us nowhere! Thanks to Mountain Dew India,  for the wonderful initiative, that motivated me to share my own story, and the instances when one dared to rise above their fears, and ultimately won the trophy of success!

Catch the amazing story of Arya, and how he converts his fear ultimately into victory here:

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