Nurturing Positivism, Individuality and Creativity Among Your Kids During Vacations!

Children, being the most precious gifts of God tend to transform the overall life of their parents as soon as they are born. However, after childbirth, whenever one plans a trip they need to consider several factors and plan the entire trip beforehand in order to make it all the more exciting and safer experience.


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A well-planned luxurious holiday enables you to connect with the locations on a completely different level. If you are travelling with the little ones, instead of adventurous activities, if you opt for a location with breathtaking sights, all the family members can derive pleasure from the ambiance and maximize the level of enjoyment.


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Involving the Kids In Planning The Trip

Unfortunately, most of the time the parents think that the young ones have little understanding of the world and they will turn the entire planning process difficult by suggesting meaningless ideas. Thus, they leave out their children while planning their vacation; this is why, many kids feel bored and left out!stock-vector-cartoon-art-of-a-family-mom-dad-boy-girl-planning-their-vacation-26911744

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Instead of leaving them out, I prefer is to ask the “chiller party” (young kids group) to enlist or vote for the places they would like to visit and why. This keeps them involved in the process; at times one might be amazed to know, how the young ones too can come up with unique ideas!

Asking Them To Pack Up Their Own Bags:

Well, one might not leave the entire task of packing their bags for the kids, it is ideally recommendable to sit by their side and assist them in the task (unless they are too small for this). This will make them feel responsible and excited. Rather than complaining, explain them lovingly why they should carry the essential items and leave out extra loads.


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I have noticed, that if they are scolded for packing the unnecessary items, they feel demoralized and disheartened; but, if explained affectionately they will take it positively and look forward excitedly for the trip.

Allowing Them To Explore and Pursuit Their Passion


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Being born and brought up in a joint family, whenever we went out for a picnic or a family tour, the elders encouraged us (all the cousins and siblings) to compete against each other, by organizing small family competitions (painting, singing, dancing or even writing). This might help the little ones to discover their hidden talents while nurturing positivism at the same time.


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If your child loves painting or photography, instead of worrying about the gadgets all the time, allow them to explore new locations and click as many pictures as they want. You can also accompany them, or send others or follow your child with your eyes as they embrace a new skill or hobby.



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It is, needless to say, that three of my young brothers have gradually mastered the art of photography simply by self-learning and practicing!

Children love being with their parents; it lends them a sense of security while exploring the new destinations and sharing their joy. It is always advisable for the parents to quench their curiosity and multiply their enthusiasm in every possible way, so as to make the trip a cherishable experience for the entire family.


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