Men Will Be Men!

December calls for party! And, there is hardly a rocking party night without hot chicks (isn’t it boys?). This is probably, that time of the year, when majority of men (all across the country), tends to curse the evil practices of our society, female foeticide.


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Oh Yes!Because of such brutal social practices, there has been a huge imbalance in the number of male-female child in India; which inevitably leads to the group of frustrated male individuals of our country, whom I have seen yearning for love and a true companion, ever since I met them.


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Irrespective of how rich, famous or busy a man is, the season of love (that sets in with December, and continues till February or early March), reincarnates the hidden immortal lover soul within an individual; who dares to sacrifice their entire life, solely for the sake of Love (much like the popular tragic heroes).

It is, needless to say, that such imaginary love stories mostly begins with an unknown phone call, text message, facebook message or (the contemporary version) a Whatsapp or Line message!

#Case 1:

Being an earnest believer of the old saying (which men blindly believes to be a FACT), “girls are beauty without brains”, these young individuals take the plunge, intending to create a co-incidence, whereby he has accidentally encountered with the girl. Being mesmerized by the magical female voice (as if she is an unrecognized Shreya Ghoshal, invented by him), they cannot control the urge of knowing her name. Under such scenario, let us explore what a (not so intelligent) girl thinks:

Why on Earth is he asking my name; it is already available in Truecaller app? Doesn’t he use a Truecaller? OMG! Such a GAWAR!

In due course of the conversation, as soon as she discovers that he already knew her name she thinks: That means, he is merely wasting time in meaningless conversation… and she hungs up the phone!

17 missed calls, and the guy goes permanently into the block list! :p


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#Case 2:

Girl receives an unknown text message: Hie beautiful! How are you?

Girl: Whose this?

Boy: My name is blah blah…I am blah blah… I want to make friendship with you. May I know your name?

Girl: Troll! This is epic dude! You are interested in me, and you don’t even know my name? Why don’t you try your luck in Great Indian Laughter Challenge?

And the guy makes room for himself in the block list! Thanks to the latest Smartphones and the latest apps!


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#Case 3:

Girl receives an unknown facebook message: Hello there!Will you kindly send me a friend request as I am unable to do so.

Girl: May I know who’s this?

Boy: Your new friend dear!

angry girl

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Girl: OMG! He doesn’t even care whether I am interested in making friendship or not! Was behaving as if it is mandatory! Bloody Male chauvinist! Here you go boy, in the block list!

# Case 4:


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Girl receives a message in Whatsapp or Line: Hi dear! I am new in Kolkata, and I discovered your number all of a sudden. I was wondering if you would like to make friendship with me? I am very lonely this winter, doesn’t even have a good friend and so I am looking for a good friend, who will share all my pain and sorrows! Blah blah blah…

Girl: I am extremely sorry to hear of your depression and loneliness!

Boy: May I know your name?

Girl: Well, to be honest, my name will not cure your mental condition. So here is the best possible solution to all your problems. You better consult a good psychologist in town and join a leading friendship club in Kolkata. Enlists the following and prepares to block the new candidate laughingly!

I do wonder, why on Earth these guys don’t have the guts to approach the girls confidently stating, how he actually got to know about the girl and became interested in her; and, probably the best possible option to initiate a conversation is to start discussing about each others passions and common interests!

# Avoid one-sided conversation and most importantly beating your own drums!


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Unfortunately, despite failing repeatedly, these guys will never ever give up their primitive strategies and adopt new techniques to succeed in their mission; and thereby will continue to reside on Earth as frustrated single individuals ;).


3 thoughts on “Men Will Be Men!

  1. 4 year old adult says:

    You have compiled all the commonly found stereotypes. Whenever my crazy mind takes over, I often go to Omegle and start acting like a female. As soon as I type the letter F, there comes some freaky and sick responses. The best (or worst) was- “Do you like sex?”. I was so impressed that I wrote a blog post about such encounters ( Your post made me realize that I have not used Omegle since two weeks, some guys are going to get into trouble today..haha


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