Quikr A Day, Keeps Worries Away!

Perhaps a few years ago, the idea of relocating to a new city meant an arduous task and a series of hazards, unless you already have a few relatives or friends residing there; after all, our lives have little or no similarity to the plot of the popular Bollywood movie Wake Up Sid, whereby we could accidentally bump into some a rich dude like Ranveer Kapoor so that he can find us a nice cozy home. And even if someone does help us, we have to ensure that the rent does not drain my entire month’s salary! Difficult! Isn’t it?


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After all it is practically impossible to hunt across every corner of the city with a microphone in hand! So what do we do? Sit back at home with the same boring job that has little or no chance of improvements? Of course, not! As long as we have quikr.com, there is hardly a reason to worry if you are planning to relocate in Bangalore!

Much like the residents of the western countries, nowadays, it is possible to dump all your worries at the edge cutting app and relax on your comfortable couch. Once you have detected a nice wallet-friendly home, it is the time to decorate your home. Just because I have moved into a new city, personally  I would not take the pain of sleeping on the floor, in this chilly winter months simply because I want to cut down the extra expenses. Instead, it is ideally recommended to look for the cheap furniture, at http://bangalore.quikr.com/ simply, by filtering the search (from low to high: that is exactly what I always do ;)) and you might be amazed to find some amazing furniture that will compliment your new apartment without spending much!


Image Source: www.makemeahomeblog.com

Recycling Can Do Wonders!

In our high schools, most us were taught the benefits of recycling, but when it comes to applying it in our daily lives most of us tend to ignore it. There are people, who might just throw away the home appliances or products they do not wish to use any longer; on the other hand there are many philanthropists who might just donate away these things to the servants or the less fortunates! Quikr tends to bridge the gap between the two candidly. What is wrong with selling away the items you don’t want to keep in your home in half price? It will fetch you some extra cash while adorning my new apartment nicely!


Image Source: www.tricksworldzz.in

The best part is that I have the privilege of even exchanging some of the items I have with the ones I need more; simply by clicking a few pictures and uploading them!

Moving out to Bangalore is exciting as long as you carry an internet connection to access this functional app!Whether you are looking for a home based job or a kennel to keep your dog safely; you have it all under a single roof. So, step into the new world with quikr, quickly!


Image Source: www.etsy.com

This post is sponsored by bangalore.quikr.com.


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