Pimples: As They Begin To Pop, They Never Stop!!

These days, whenever one turns on the television sets or even the YouTube videos, he/ she is bound to see at least one product, that claims to erase all the pimples, as well as marks on your skin. By glancing through the symptoms as demonstrated in the popular advertisements, one is bound to relate to it almost readily; however, it is, needless to say, that majority of these products fail to deliver desirable results and leaves your skin unaltered!


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Once upon a time, people used to enquire my mother, about the skin care products I use as they envied by spotless, glowing skin. No sooner was I sixteen, than the sebaceous glands of my face, turned hyperactive that gave birth to excessive secreation oil in my face (which I believed could easily defeat the leading cold cream manufacturing factories across the country 😉 ) Thereafter, the tiny imperfections began to pop up slowly across my face and chin, and whenever they appeared, they skillfully embedded their signatures in my skin.


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I still remember the claustrophobic tendencies that I developed gradually because of the creepy pimple marks in my face. When I was in the eleventh standard once my Biology teacher once asked me if I had Chicken Pox, as the marks turned even more atrocious with passage of each day. Others asked if I had burnt some parts of my face or developed calluses; this is basically because I operated my face with  pins hoping that it will deflate the pimples and make it look comparatively better.


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My friends even named me “Pimpu”! Being highly embarrassed, I began to save my pocket money to try out the various products that claimed to combat acne effectively.


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Ask me what I did not use:

But, none of them delivered satisfactory results. My aunty suggested that, I should try out some Blood purifying tonics and the natural, home remedies. So I tried out both the popular blood purifying tonics:



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Alongside these inedible tonics, I have been trying out natural home remedies almost every day! At times, I would mix besan with milk apply it up to my neck; the next day probably I would ask my father to buy me 1 kg of turmeric to be mixed with neem leaves. When these failed, I opted for Dabur Gulabari Rose water, to be mixed with Herby Sandalwood powder. However, it is practically impossible to invest so much time in all these, after all I had to go to school, then tuition, followed by dance class, painting class and so on and so forth…

Next I opted for crushed aspirin tablets, mixed with water, which I discovered from Google, as soon as the pimples began to re-appear a few months after I finished the expensive pimple treatment sessions from VLCC.

With the passage of time, the intensity of the pimples gradually got reduced as I overcame my teenage, even though they refused to leave my face completely. Normally my face would be clean! But as soon as I plan an exciting party or an outing, a huge imperfection would evolve right at the tip of my nose or at my forehead, which cannot be hidden even after applying a ton of concealer!



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Moreover, there is no denying the fact that as soon as I apply makeup in my face, I actually look like a witch! A little bit of eye and lip make-up along with some trendy accessories are enough to steal the show if you have a healthy skin to flaunt!

The disastrous little devils tend to leave their footprints on the skin, with the sole intention of turning a doll-like face creepy! None are unaware of the fact, that the marks are stubborn and do not intend to leave the skin even though one might spend hours in a parlor.


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For the fashionable individuals, who does not fancy the expensive skin make-ups and instead, longs for a neat, spotless skin, it is extremely vital to find a worthy product, that will regulate the sebum secretion during the daytime.

[However, the causes of the pimple/acne tend to vary according to the type of skin ]

While I am yet to use Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash, I have tried out Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Pimple Control Pen, that works well. While the small tube fits perfectly into your purse, it leaves a cooling effect in the skin instead of the irritations. If used continuously, for a couple of times along with the Garnier Pure Exfoliating Face Wash the pimple eliminates slowly from the face and dries up (even though the marks still remain in my skin 😥 )


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