Lessons of Life From My Mother!!

Throughout our lives, we have to pass through an endless series of tests to prove ourselves. In the case of women, the level of tests turns out to be all the more difficult even in this era! It doesn’t matter whether you have been a pious soul throughout your life; you have to pass the tests successfully much like goddess Sita in Ramayana!


Image Source: ramayaninenglish.blogspot.com

As a teenager, I have been rebellious soul, who always tried to break through the limitations imposed on a girl, by the society; and hence my mother was humiliated by every possible person of our colony and my teachers. Being completely unaware of the gender politics, my mother never voiced against them and begged for their mercies.

It is, needless to say, that, ever since I began to develop my senses of identifying the human figures, my mom topped the list of my favorite personalities!



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Not simply because she had been a doting mother fulfilling all my wishes at a go, in fact, she had been just opposite. Whenever I asked for something, she would reject that right away, without even listening properly; she had been a consistent patient of high blood pressure, and thus an expert in beating me up whenever I nagged her for something; if there was a contest for screaming louder across the world, she must have bagged the first prize without any strong competitor; she had that unparalleled energy and skill of monitoring me ( much like the murderers waiting to be hanged inside a prison 😉 ); she had the power of scaring the hell out of any individual, who might have supported me in any action and ensuring that the person never ever comes to rescue me again.



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And this is exactly how, my mom had been popular everywhere: my friends even named her Yamraj (the King of Hell) and Tiger.

But, there was another side of this particular woman that gave birth to a source of tremendous anger in me: the unfortunate woman, with her unfulfilled desires. In our home, I have always been the favorite of my mom, while my sister more close to my father, and thus she began to share all her secrets with me. She had been the perfect homemaker and a doting mother throughout her life, and yet today, she is a sad, lonely old woman whose sole companion is the Television set!

In today’s world of multi-tasking, people rarely have time to visit people and make them feel good; I myself tend to feel irritated at times, if I have to visit anybody, when I have a lot of pending work. Moreover, with Facebook, Hangout, WhatsApp, Line and Skype, one hardly needs to visit someone to stay connected! But what about those, who are yet to unleash the benefits of the Internet?

My mother is perhaps the best living example of an individual who actually makes the mistake of choosing from any two choices provided by the society! Instead of following her heart, she actually gave up all her dreams, likes, and hobbies. Can you imagine a woman, who fumbles to answer her actual age? Or struggles to remember where her Birth Certificate is? Even in my worst dream, I can never imagine myself like that!


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Probably when one is asked to write a post about the most inspirational woman in her life, majority of girls would write about their mother; while I am narrating here, why I would not like to be like my mother! She has been setting examples for me every day, why I must not repeat the mistake of choosing either my career or my family for I have to continue living as a weak dependent woman, who has no right to invest time in self-improvement!

Yet, she is the most important woman in my life, who has been consistently motivating me and transferring all sorts of positive energy to me because, I have to do it for her! I have to make her happy and proud alongside fulfilling all her long departed dreams even though I cannot bring back her youth. I am a blogger, a film critic, an academician, an entrepreneur who also wishes to be a perfect wife or a doting mother in the near future, for herein lies the credibility of a successful woman of 21st Century- to achieve the perfect balance between work and life!



Me and my mother!

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