The Other Side of Me

Since time immemorial, women all across the globe have been solely attributed to the role of an ideal mother (which must be their ultimate goal in life). Thus, for the unfortunate women, who are unable to conceive, life turns out to be immensely difficult as they are forced to survive amidst thousands of fingers pointing at them, often identified as bad omens, witches and what not! Interestingly, a male child is always considered as a valuable asset, much like a diamond (or a platinum ring), that remains equally precious even if it is distorted in shape.


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There is no denying the fact that, the patriarchal world have always been scared of ambitious women, because they might take the upper hand, and thus have inevitably designed tools and apparatuses to teach a woman that her ideal role is to be a homemaker. If you read the textual analysis of the great Shakespearian tragedy, you will get to see (in many documents), that the dynamic Lady Macbeth have been often called the “fourth witch”, simply because she instigated her husband to murder King Duncan!



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Even today, if you critically analyze the popular daily soaps, as well as some of the Bollywood films (for example Cocktail), you can easily detect the same scheme! The ideal woman, whom a man fancies is the one who is an expert in household activities, a perfect homemaker while an ambitious woman must be an evil, who intends to destroy everything by the aid of politics, so that she can retain back money, property and power. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong in that!

There has been several instances, when I have been forced into a critical situation, whereby I have to choose any one: either my family or  my career, and this actually began ever since I was a kid. As a young girl, I loved writing poems, personal diaries, and other creative contents, ignoring my father’s suggestion to dedicate time in my academics. As soon as I joined high school, I started contributing regularly in TTIS, The Telegraph In Schools (a newspaper for the students).  I still remember, the first time, my article was published, along with my photograph. I ran immediately to my mother and nagged her in the kitchen to see it at least once, but I was clearly told that I should stop wasting time in all these!

Home Sweet Home Alone

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Next, I joined a dance class to fulfill my passion, and was invited to perform a few stage shows across Kolkata. That was a huge blow for my parents! They could never bear the burden of seeing their daughter performing (Western) on stage and obviously the answer was a big NO! Moreover, my father explained me, that it is practically impossible to continue my dancing career after marriage, and so he admitted me to a Music school instead. Seeing no other option, I had to bunk my school often for the rehearsals at my friend’s place. It was perhaps my own commitment, that I have to do it; I have to show the world that we can. And that is exactly what I did..but my eyes filled with tears, when I was sitting lazily in the green room, with my heart beating faster in nervousness; when I looked around, I could see all the candidates, being pampered by their parents-I was all alone!


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Throughout my life, I have been popular as the notorious kid of my colony and school while my elder sister bagged all sorts of compliments for being the ideal daughter from everywhere.Honestly, I was sick and tired, of being compared to her in every step. When it was the time to choose my career, that was the first time, I tried to compromise: I actually followed my sister, to turn into an ideal daughter and make my parents happy! It took me a year, to realize that this is not my place and that I have committed the biggest mistake of my life by imitating my sister.Thereafter, I never looked back!

As I opted for the most challenging career (according to my family and relatives), there has been highs and lows which I had to handle all alone! At times, I was even forced to leave the comfortability of my home and take shelter in my aunty’s residence.



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Today, I can proudly boast that all these situations have actually strengthened me and taught me that nothing is impossible if you have the will!

As I completed my academic career, our house physician almost convinced my father readily, that it was the perfect time to get married! He explained me candidly that I must choose whether I want to remain childless for the rest of life in order to be successful in my career! This is indeed the new challenge for me to prove the world that I can be a doting mother and a successful entrepreneur too!


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And that is me on my 24th Birthday!


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