Redefining The Great Indian Litterbugs Within Us

It was 15-18 years ago, I still remember, my sister reading the lines of the text Benaras, that underlines the difference between scenario, as soon as one enters an Indian house and an American. The author, in the paragraph, narrates candidly all the of unpleasant experiences, he had in India alongside mocking the way we live or work!

zzzzzzzzzzzzopen_defecation_image_20060724Image Source:

As a child,  I was very angry with the author of the text for criticizing the Indians (of course he could have portrayed the brighter side of India, but he must have avoided it deliberately   -_- ) and I concluded that he was a snobbish fellow!

It is needless to say that, I was merely trying to console myself by abusing the author, as I knew that he was actually correct. Being born and brought up in a metropolitan city, I could barely understand why these men are so dirty.


 Image Source:

It was only during a trip to Bihar, that my father explained that these people are yet to know what a bathroom is, and still they have to dispose of the waste products of their body.

That was probably twenty years ago. Today we have numerous Sulabh Shouchalayas or Pay and Use Toilets in almost every corner of the city and a regular garbage cleaning facility. But, who bothers to change their habits when one doesn’t need to pay any fine or penalty?

No_litteringImage Source:

Whether you mock them, abuse them or explain them lovingly, these men suggest that they are unable to control their urine! Much like the wild animals, they too opt for open defecation since they have no other option. Oops! Even the wild animals hide their waste products below the soil!

imagesImage Source:

# The Walls of Kolkata: The Best Place To Showcase the Creativity!

It was perhaps two years back, that Jadavpur University undertook a project, pertaining to the walls of Kolkata. There were three subjects: wall commerce, wall graphics and wall overgrowth- that gave birth to three innovative short films. Now, why do you document the walls of your city?

23TH-CLEAN-COL_118039fImage Source:

 Simply because they bear the heritage and the history of Kolkata, that is about to be extinct!  The litterbugs will either paint it red, engrave their name and amorous messages for their dream woman or simply turn them into a stinking spot by pissing there repeatedly and this has resulted in such a serious concern that we have to document them in the form of short films or documentaries for the next generation.

At the end of the day, littering is their birth right who can stop them? 😉

#Manufacturing Natural Poison

Once upon a time, I saw my grandma pouring a few drops of Gangajal in her mouth as she began her evening pooja. Today, if you swallow a few drops of water from the Ganges, you might expire tomorrow; and herein lies the credibility of the litterbugs!


Image Source:

 For bathing, to washing and cleaning as well as disposing of the garbages assembled in your home the beautiful water body serves to be your one stop destination.

#Teach Your Child Hypocrisy and Contamination

In order to score the highest marks in the examination, it is extremely vital to invest money and time in Environmental Science projects. But, when it comes to applying it in their daily life, the litterbugs tend to feel agitated.

“Why have you stored the garbages inside the room? Open the window, and throw it down into the pond.”- The litterbug

“But papa, I have learned that it will kill the fishes and other animals in the pond? I even saw Nobita (in Doraemon) cleaning their local ponds during the weekend so that more fishes reside in that?”-Son

“It was just a cartoon son! It is not possible to go down and dispose of the garbages in the dustbin every day. Everybody does the same, even the fishes have adapted themselves that way! Now, do as I say.” –The litterbug

Thereafter the child learns hypocrisy nicely!

water-pollution-concept-illustration-fish-fish-bone-polluted-33390290Image Source:

#Avoid Kissing rather than pissing in public

In case you have the privilege of residing in a place that is close to the large open sewers, you feel doubly lucky! You can block the drains with the unhygienic plastics full of garbage, or simply turn it into a public bathroom!

52Image Source:

Who cares how the residents might feel? Or if there is a nearby park, where the young children comes to play? After all, it is practically impossible to hold your waste products until you reach a proper place!

#The Heritage Buildings Should Be Painted Or Renovated

The litterbugs are indeed very careful in this respect. They are well aware of the fact that the heritage buildings of our country arrests the attention of tourists all across the globe. Thus, it must be painted or renovated often, so that one is awestruck whenever they visit the spots. This is exactly, why they love to spit everywhere and if that fails, they will inevitably carry colorful chalks, pencils, etc. to enhance the beauty of the building walls, by showcasing their creative skills. Some lovers, tend to achieve salvation by engraving a heart, accompanied by their beloved’s name on the walls of the heritage buildings.

P1020277Image Source: heritagetalesandtravails.blogspot.com1

I pity the great sculptors or painters across the globe, who have dedicated their lives simply to create an artwork; whereas a litterbug, is blessed with the power of transforming the overall beauty of the heritage buildings in just a few minutes!

???????????????????????????????Image Source:

Have you noticed such great litterbugs in your city? Spot them right away and share their philosophical ideas about life at

Do not forget to catch the hilarious video:


This post is a part of the great Indian litterbug campaign, powered by The Times of India.






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