Asus: Where Functionality Meets Style!

Ever since we decided to switch to a laptop from desktops, the concept, of working at home, became all the more convenient and user-friendly. Earlier, we had to sit at a fixed table and work for several hours without relaxing. Indeed, it was tiresome and hazardous.

Laptop, allows one the freedom to work endlessly while moving at the same time. Thereafter, we sold off our desktop, that was merely used to download movies or play games; while I have been dumping all the valuable data and work files on my own machine. Thus, whenever I have to format my laptop or send it for servicing I find myself in grave danger; on the other hand, my laptop’s performance tends to deteriorate all the more with the passage of each day as my machine ran short of memory.

It during the Summer, last year that I had the opportunity to operate the Asus Ebooks provided by my company. At that time, I discovered that it was exceptionally light and sleek! Even while working on the office table, I could relax comfortably on my revolving chair while dedicating majority of the time in writing. It is, needless to say, that I also earned a lot of incentives, because of the extra work that I completed even after reaching my target. It made me realize, that it was mainly because I could work freely without any neck pain, that often troubled me during my freelancing career. These days, Asus has designed an all in one computer ET2040; and the best part is that they have been updating themselves all the time, in favor of the convenience of the user as well as the society (for example the Asus eco-friendly gadgets).While the EeeBook X205Ta looks promising with the sleek design, that comes in four eye-catching colors: Blue, Golden, White and Red, the ET2040 is going to be the ultimate choice for those who love to work at home, as it saves a lot of space ! While the 11.6 inches HD Glare of X205Ta is ideal for work and leisure, even while moving I think, the other one is ideal for the movie buffs or gamers!


Asus X205Ta :Image Source:

When asked to choose between these two models, I would like to rate the Asus ET2040 more, for the removable stand on the back. It makes easier to use it in both ways as a desktop, as well as normal notebooks.



Image Source:

Because of the 19.5 inches HD screen, makes it easier for the movie buffs to enjoy all the latest videos.The Nvidia GeForce GT 820M video card, that supports 4 GB of memory combined with a hard drive of  500 GB  makes it easier to save all the necessary data candidly! Moreover, if one seeks for more space, they can also opt for the 128GB SSD drive! Lastly, the simplistic design can compliment the rooms of my small apartment too alongside the host of functional features!


Image Source:

You can buy the Asus Eeebook and All in One COmputer here : and


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