Let’s Conspire Like A Cupid!!

Much like many people, as I child I too used to wonder how do people spend their lives with one partner; I mean don’t they get bored? The way we move away from our old friends and make new friends every day, every year (as we are promoted to a new class), partners should also change after a few years. After all, nothing is permanent in this Universe, except change!


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Thereafter, I learned about the greatest love stories on Earth. Under the deep influence of Yash Raj films (and the mesmerizing performances of Shah Rukh Khan) I began to hunt for my Veer, who might wait several years in jail for me, with the lost pair of anklet in his hand…


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Unfortunately, the reality turned out to be disappointing! None of the roadside Romeos, dared to take risks for me; they never planned any surprising date for me that could be cherished throughout my life! All they knew was to follow me in a cycle (or bike at max) for a few days and proposed me right away! Thereafter, they would stick to me like an adhesive tape, even though I rejected them! What a nuisance, I thought!


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For a beautiful woman, it is not very hard to impress a single male (which majority of them are). In fact, these days it does not matter whether you are tall or short, fair or dark; all they need is a woman for dating, as they proudly puts it this way: “Farakh parta hai kya bahon mein Munni hai ya Shiela” -Quoted from a popular Bollywood song Character Dheela which serves to be an anthem for the Salman fans (it doesn’t matter whether I am embracing Munni or Shiela).

It is needless to say, that there are a handful of exceptions to these category of men, who have been always yearning for love and and moaning for being single (I have concluded this from seeing my frustrated male friends,and brothers); and majority of women tend to prefer the ones in the exceptional category, including me.


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There are few rules, to arrest the attention of the man you are interested in. For me, it has always worked till date, and I have been never turned down whenever I showed my amorous interests in them:

#Distance creates love! Whenever I have a crush, I would deliberately avoid the man; I would speak to him for professional purposes and only when I have no other alternative. [PS: This works best if the man/boy is a bit confident and self-satisfied individual.]

#I would add him to social networking sites, and never ping him, pretending that he was just a normal friend, or it was just a website suggestion, so I added him as I know him!


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#I might call him up, for some extremely professional issue so that he gets my number 😉

#I would be more friendly, with everyone else in the class or team (men, women all alike), except him. [This works like magic! In a few days, he would start calling you often, wondering why do you neglect him.]

#As soon as he takes a step, (asking me personal questions, complimenting me or asking me for a coffee date) I would try to know more about him; so that, whenever we meet, we can chat about our common interests and make the discussion engaging for him.

#As the King Khan says, “friendship is the first step of love”, I would try to be his closest friend, so that he tends to feel incomplete without sharing even a minute details with me.


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#Next, I would show him, that he is a good friend of mine, but not so important, that I can alter my schedules for him. I have many other close friends (male and female), who are equally important to me.

#I would avoid him (not neglect him completely so that he feels he is nothing), but let him know that he is half important.

#I would speak casually with him, about some other guy; discussing why I like the guy and so on and so forth. [In this step, I would get to know if he is interested in me; it is important to study his reactions closely.]

#As soon as he takes a bold step, indicating verbally or through his actions that he likes me or considers me important, I would behave as if I understand nothing! I would show him, that I like him a lot, but I haven’t considered the fact if we could date.

#Thereafter, I would continue the same until he proposes me directly :-p; I would answer “I need some time to think!”

Finally, on the Valentine’s Day, I would force him to meet me by arranging some false reasons and fake excuses. Dressing up perfectly, the way I want I would light up a dark room with candles, and a heart shaped cake, I would surprise him with the three magical words “I love you”!


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