Thar Express: In Pursuit of Truth and Self!!

“Thar Express”, as the name itself suggests,  unravels the journey of Mano for recovering his lost identity and memory. Nagendra Murti, in his very first novel, comes up with an engaging novel that it indeed the fruit of his relentless research work. If you have watched the popular Bollywood movie, P.K., recently then you might be aware of the philosophical insights, which one can focus right away when he barely needs to turn back! Ever imagined yourself doubting :

Am I dead? Is this how it feels to be dead……? “

Yes! This is exactly how Mano feels, when he got back to his senses, near the India-Pak LoC, being severely injured and completely blank about his origin or his entire life! Thereafter, starts his stupendous journey; the quest for his identity. Murti, very subtly weaves the multiple layers of truth, pertaining to our lives along with the events that take place in the novel.

Being discovered as a patient of amnesia, in the most sensitive part of the country- the border of India-Pakistan, he inevitably becomes an object of suspicion for the Indian Army, as he knows Hindi, Maratha, Kannad as well as Oriya; And this in turn enlighten the readers about the hidden conflict, that persists for a long time among the Indian army, local police as well as the Anti-terrorist squads.  Thereafter, he is handed over to a doctor, specializing in treating amnesia patients, under whose supervision he slowly recollects the tiny fringes of his past.

As Mano recollects the fragmented instances of his past, the readers too are offered the chance of discovering their inner self along with him. From Kashmir in the extreme North, to Tamil Nadu in the south: the novel takes us to seven different states across India, where we meet various characters, who eventually contributes in Manu’s mission of recovering his lost identity.

What happens to Mano then (or is it his actual name?)? Did they actually discover a dreadful truth or it ended up into chasing an illusion?

This is exactly the question, that is bound to keep you hooked with the novel, until the very end, where you are lead to the most unexpected truth!

What deserves special mention here is Murti’s introduction of the various characters, whom Mano meets while hunting for his origin; They are mysterious in nature, that certainly gives birth to skepticism and distrust among the readers, but perfectly replicates the twenty-first-century individuals! For the foreign readers, the concept  of diversity in terms of language, culture and ethnicity that exists across the different states of India is mirrored perfectly in the writing of a debutant novelist. Moreover, the crisp and first-paced writing style of the author compliments perfectly the various facets of the story.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much discussion or promotional activity, pertaining to the launch of the book, and it has been launched merely as an E-book, without any paperback edition available; which might be a reason for the thriller lovers to skip the reading of the book! Thanks to blogadda, that I got the opportunity to review such a wonderful novel.


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