Chat Endlessly With Your Potential Buyers Without Revealing Your Number!

Even since the launch of Whatsapp or Line, the concept of instant connectivity and networking has become simpler and meaningful. Today, we hardly receive calls unless we want to communicate with someone, who is yet to unleash the extensive features of the smart phones! Why on Earth shall I call someone, when I can send texts, voice messages or images instantly- Isn’t it?

The Benefits of Messaging!

I still remember, the first time I decided to sell my mobile phone in Quikr! As soon as I posted the advertisement in Quikr, with merely downloaded images from the internet, my phone began to ring continuously within the next ten minutes that continued till the next day, until I removed the advertisement post being recommended by the last caller! Being introvert in nature, it was quite difficult for me to tell the buyers that I would not compromise on the selling price at all; as a result, I had to receive all the calls and find the buyer, who was ready to pay me the expected price. Honestly, it was a bit annoying to receive all the calls, especially when I had my classes or meetings to attend. This is exactly where the messaging option works best!

Keeping up with the pace of the recent technological innovations as well as the changing requirements of our daily life, the all-new Quikr App brings in a host of revolutionary features that is solely designed for the convenience of the users! Now, one needs to worry no more about the endless calls or emails from the interested individuals; connect seamlessly with the users at one go with the instant messaging feature of Quikr NXT.


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The unique messaging features of the Quikr NXT are:

  • It can be used as a mobile app, site as well as website.
  • Connecting with potential buyers or sellers becomes smarter with the in-app emailing, texting or calling!
  • The Quikr NXT allows an individual to hide their contact number while interacting with a potential buyer; which means no more flirting or disturbance alongside selling your products faster!
  • It enables the seller to chat with multiple users simultaneously.
  • The option of saving the chat history allows the buyers/sellers to maintain the details of a conversation for future reference.
  • By blocking a person or deleting the conversation, one can easily save their time, and get rid of the nuisance.
  • The chat window can also be used to share more images in case the buyer seeks for the images that are not included in the advertisement.
  • In case the users are found offline during a chat conversation, they are notified so that they can start chatting as soon as they are online!
  • One can also share the details easily with the unique social sharing options: Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.
  • With the aid of the unique alert feature, nowadays one hardly needs to keep browsing throughout the day to find the best deals in the city. All you need is to let them know what you need, and thereafter you need to sit back on your couch and relax!

So, maximize the benefits of messaging with all new Quikr NXT, without revealing your personal number!


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