Pamper Yourself Unconditionaly With Asus This Love Season!

The love season is here! The Valentine month, calls for pampering your love with surprising gifts so as to make them feel special; and for the single ones, why don’t you pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day rather than hunting for your true love?
Gone are those days, when one tends to long for the red teddies or chocolates following the age old tradition! I am personally, more inclined towards gifts that are functional in nature, rather than consuming ample space in my room, doing nothing; and what can be better than gadgets? Gift yourself and your love Asus Zenfone and spread the magic!
With numerous smart phones penetrating the Indian market, there is certainly a chance to get baffled away. If you are wondering why Asus Zenfone is your ultimate choice this love season, here are the top five reasons that can compel you to fall in love again!

zenfoneImage Source:
1. Wallet-friendly price rate!
We understand that, you are not very keen in draining away your entire pocket simply to buy a gift for your beloved! Moreover, it is not a wise option to compromise on the gift quality; so that your girlfriend starts abusing you the next morning ;-).
Now, you do not need to spend 25-30,000 for this! Stop scratching your head, and look for the smartest smartphone that complies perfectly with your budget along with the stunning performance.
2. Deadly Performance!
The Intel atom processor lends it the functional features and much-desired download speed. The hyper-threading technology1 enables you to manage multiple tasks without affecting the performance! In this era of instant networking and multi-tasking, this is perhaps the most desired feature in any gadgets.
3. Long Battery Life:
One of the major problems, among the smartphone users across the globe is the battery life! Especially if you prefer to turn on the internet throughout the day or prefer to stay connected with your friends or family via Whatsapp, Line or other apps, your charge tends to go down inevitably, even though you might not play games at all! It is indeed a hazardous situation, when your phone indicates low battery, in the middle of an interesting conversation or when you are waiting for an important call!
The Asus Zenfone, is ideally recommendable for the exceptional battery life and energy efficiency, that enables you to play around all the time without hunting for a charging point!
4. An Enhanced Camera!
Much like the common television advertisement, of the popular networking brand Tata Docomo, we all love to post our selfies in the social networking sites. Unfortunately, many times, our selfie turns out to be a disaster for the poor camera! I have been ridiculed by my friend often, whenever I took a selfie of us! She would again, re-take the selfie in her own smartphone before posting it on FaceBook! If you have been facing the same problem, then get the Asus Zenfone now and flaunt your crystal clear selfie limitlessly!


Image Source:

5. Are You Obsessed With Colors?
If you are obsessed with colorful phone accessories, then you must not miss the colorful interchangeable cases that are amply available at cheap ranges! Change the cases as per your attires or mood frequently as they fits in perfectly and are easily available unlike many other smartphones, that has been wearing out your shoes hunting for an appropriate mobile case, that compliments your taste perfectly!

There are a host of features that is hard to resist if you are a tech-savvy person! Moreover, this valentine season you can avail amazing freebies along with this gadget which includes even a luxurious trip to Singapore! So what are we waiting for? Let’s take the plunge and get lucky this love season! Grab your Asus Zenfone 6 now here:

This love season, pamper yourself & your beloved!



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