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As a child, I aspired to lead a carefree life and never compromise with my dreams. With the passage of time, I learned that I was residing in a Fool’s Paradise! There are numerous factors governing the path of my life, and it is practically impossible to shake off my responsibilities and chase my dreams.

Perhaps the most important factor is finance that causes many individuals to give up their dreams despite being extremely talented (even though I do not claim myself to be so ;-)). At times, I believe most of us wish to be Bill Gates or Dhirubhai Ambani!


And then we are compelled to return to reality and safely pack our dreams within the grey cells of our brain!

Being highly focused in my career, I always try to go back to the long departed dreams. But as our parents have always taught us, “there is always a right time for everything”; and there are few things, which I can never experience again, as soon as the youth fades away. Here are the five things on my bucket list that I would certainly love to do, (perhaps in my next life:-() if I get a chance to overcome my financial restrictions!

Dancing: Gone are those days when I could feel the chattering and clapping of audiences from the backstage; the shimmering stage lights or the loud music! Despite the stage fright, that I had to overcome every time I performed on stage, or the tedious rehearsal sessions that lead to severe body aches; it gave an immense pleasure, to see myself shaking and grooving with the rhythm, and the celebrations that followed the success of each stage shows!

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Even though I still love to dance in parties or the local discotheques, it is needless to say that, there is no replacement for the joy of performing on stage. After all, we used to the eye-catchers, the celebrities for the night! I am sure, many girls can relate to my experience, who had to give up their dancing career for the sake of family issues.

Travelling relentlessly: In our daily life of hustle-bustles, we occasionally get the scope of escaping into the heart of nature with my close friends (or family for those who love to travel with their parents). Despite opting for a freelancing career, I do not have the financial freedom to travel across the world, engaging myself in adventurous and cultural activities.1210-1240955589bN31

Image Source:

Most of the time, I have to curtail my budget, or drop a plan because my parents might worry (an additional restriction that I am subjected to for being the “weaker sex” -_-)!

  • Watching Films: This is indeed the most vital amongst all form of activities, I have mentioned so far! As a student of Film Studies, we occasionally got the advantage of attending some of the prestigious film festivals India, and I must say it has been pure bliss for me. Enlisting the films to be watched in the schedule books supplied to us, we preferred to watch films continuously for an entire week (often skipping meals for the same).


Image Source:

I do wish, I could enjoy the same at my home throughout the year if I had the freedom!

  • Writing/ Blogging for Myself: Being a dedicated writer, I often spend an entire day writing. But, that is mostly for others in order to earn my livelihood. If I had no reason to worry about the source of income, I would have loved to go on writing for myself! This is again, a common dream of many bloggers to be a full time blogger. But alas!
  • Watching Cartoon: This is the weirdest in the list, but I can’t give up watching the Japanese cartoon Doraemon J! Whenever I get a holiday, I just love to watch it for hours, and develop my exclusive theories. Yes! Cartoons too, can help you to analyze the social scenario and learn more about different ethnic groups and cultures.4677396-smiling-ball-watching-movie-in-cinema-movie-emoticon-cartoon


If I get a scope, I would like to watch more cartoons and probably develop a research paper on it!

These are my five wishes that I wish to fulfill if I get a chance. What about yours?  IDBI Bank brings in some unique policies, for securing a tension free life! Catch the latest video of IDBI Federal Lifesurance here, and chase your dreams endlessly!

Post Sponsored by IDBI.


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