Bedtime Ritual: An Integral Part of Each Household!

Every person tends to spend almost one-third of their life sleeping! Indeed, a sound sleep plays a vital role in leading a healthy life, while the unfortunate ones are deprived of the immense benefit it brings! Similarly, in case of a child too, an uninterrupted sound sleep is very crucial for enhancing their overall growth procedure, digestion and mood.

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Many children are fond of certain activities or rituals before they actually go to bed. While some prefer listening to music, others sing their own unique songs! Some tend to suck their thumbs, or develop an affinity towards breast milk exactly before going to bed. It is a pure bliss to watch the little ones, stepping slowly towards their dreamland and often one would see them smiling or moving slightly in their dreams too!

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A few years back, I had the opportunity to watch my young brother closely, and it is, needless to say, that each child has their own set of activities or rituals, that may differ completely from others. My little brother preferred to listen to stories, endlessly before the bedtime (which is pretty common among the young ones). But, after that he used to crave for water bottles that have the artificial nipples for the little ones. He used to drink a lot of water, from the bottle and slowly fell asleep, as we sung him lullaby.

It was after a long time, that I figured out probably his unique ritual was a part of his  habit of being breastfed. His mother continued to breastfeed him unusually long, as she believed that the breast milk bears the unique power of building up the immunity of her child and make him strong from inside.

As his mother abstained him from breastfeeding, in due course of time, being prescribed by the doctor he could not give up his desire for being breastfed. As a result, he searched for an alternative that can actually offer him the same feeling even though it might not be an exact replacement of what he has been craving for.

It is needless to say that as he grew up, it became extremely difficult to rid him of the habit, resulting in restlessness and insomnia in the little one. Eventually, we encouraged him to read story books before going to bed, often playing audio books and diverting his interest in that. His mind being occupied in an imaginary world, he slowly gave up this odd habit unknowingly.


So, this is our unique story of the bedtime ritual we practiced for quite a long time in our house. What is your story? Does your child have an unusual habit just before going to bed?

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