Improve Your Personality with a Brand New Personal vehicle with Quikr Nxt

Even though the basic function of a vehicle is transportation from one place to another, many car owners love to express themselves through their personal vehicles. Much like your house, and other assets, a car too can reflect the personality, the nature of the owner as well as the social strata where he belongs; and this is exactly why many car owners prefer to upgrade their personal vehicles frequently.

Maintaining Your Personal Vehicle:

While upgrading the basic parts your car (such as wheels, gears, and other auto parts) is mandatory to improve the performance on road, one may also prefer to renovate the exterior or interior of their car, so as to make it eye-catching as well as comfortable for the passengers. Repainting the car or applying designer stickers is perhaps the easiest option to suit your personality! You may also consider the option of lighting up your car nicely or taking care of the ventilation, as this will ensure a smoother driving experience for you (and also ensure safety in road by changing the headlights). Thus, there are mainly four categories of upgrading your car:

  • Upgrading the exterior or interior;
  • Lighting or Sound systems;
  • Performance parts;
  • Body kits.

Majority of people, prefer to upgrade these parts or replace them frequently to keep their vehicle running smoothly. But, what do you do when your car is too old to be upgraded for a smoother driving experience?

Never Let your Emotions Dominate Your Mind!

Unfortunately, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your car will not run it smoothly, especially if your car is too old; or if you haven’t replaced the auto parts consistently! Nothing is permanent in this Universe, and even though you love your car immensely you have to sell it off one day overcoming all the emotional bonding! Otherwise, it will lead us to a scenario as depicted candidly by eminent filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak in his masterpiece “Ajantrik” (1958)!

Thus, it is always wiser to sell off your car while it is in moderate condition and bring home a cool and cozy personal vehicle in order to lessen the pain a bit! 😉

If you are planning to do the same, Quikr Nxt is perhaps the one stop destination for you! All you need to do is to click some candid shots of your car (which I believe most of us would love to do) after cleaning in thoroughly and place an advertisement online! 🙂


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Wondering How to Determine the Price of your Valuable Possession?

Now you no longer need to run to your nearest automobile store for evaluating the price of your car! With Quikr, you can easily check the MSP (maximum selling price of your car), simply by filling up the details online! Just post a free advertisement and wait silently for the interested buyers to contact you!

quikr msp

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Chat Endlessly With The Potential Buyers: Cut Down Your Phone Bills!

We understand that you are eager to communicate with the potential owner of your car, and share your emotional attachments with the car! But, because you have decided to sell your personal vehicle, it does not mean you have to drain away your entire pocket convincing the buyers about the incredible features of your care! With Quikr Nxt, you can easily communicate with the potential buyers through the chat box (whether you are using the mobile app, website in your tablet or simply your desktop for browsing)! Thus, you can easily curtail your phone bills, alongside closing the deals satisfactorily!
Are you still wasting your time upgrading your personal vehicle? Sell it off now with the Quikr Nxt and improve your personality with an eye-catching brand new car!

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