Turning Towards the Brighter Side of Life!

It is needless to say that the majority of Indian parents tend to be over-protective in nature, and this in turn affects the productivity of the children largely! As a teenager, I had to overcome a series of restrictions imposed on a girl; as a result I eventually turned into a pessimist and a depressed individual with passage of tim, giving up all sorts of natural activities that I used to take part in.

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As soon as a child begins to observe and understand the world around him or her, it fills their hearts with a sense incessant curiosity and a ceaseless thirst for knowledge.They often want to explore the forbidden avenues. If you warn him during this phase, he inevitably turns against you and distance away gradually!

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Unfortunately, my parents never realized this simple fact; even though I am not denying the fact, that they always wanted to design a comfortable life for me, so that I never bleed myself while walking through the path of thorns!

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Guiding your child is important, but it is equally important to let them grow, and gain knowledge through practical experiences. Otherwise, he or she will never learn to be independent and at the end of the day you will not be present with them throughout their life to protect them from the coveted world!

Whenever I tried to explain this to my parents they would say:

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“Don’t give me that attitude.”
“What do you mean by the generation gap? You think you understand everything? Experience too matters! I haven’t just grown these grey hairs without any experience.”

So, I decided to shut the doors and windows of my mind, in order to prevent them from entering my world. But, this was practically impossible since they (especially my mom), never allowed me my desired share of space or privacy!

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It was only during my graduation years that, I screamed and yelled that I am old enough to take care of myself. I need my own room where I can spend some time listening to my inner self and I made up the excuse of my educational pressure ( which worked without a failure) :-)!

My grandmother, uncle, aunty and every other member of my family (except my mom -_- ) supported me and thus I got the long desired privacy finally, for the room was aloof from the part of the building where my parents lived even though we shared the same building.

It is needless to say, that the incident (even though it may apparently seem to be very insignificant one) actually changed my life and helped me to be more confident, self-reliant and yes, an optimist too!

I lead my life the way I always wanted too! I slept when I wanted; I spent the dark lazy hours of the night composing poems, stories or writing diaries. If I felt like watching a film, in the midnight I did; without any hesitation I spent nights watching stars in terrace and yes, I studied a bit too when my exams knocked at the door :-p  (for unless I secured commendable grades, my freedom will be at stake)!

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Thereafter, my monochromatic life was splashed with beautiful bright colours and filled my life with optimism, helping me to turn into a confident young individual ready to face the hardships and coarser phase of life boldly!

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