In Solidarity With India’s Daughter!

Just two days before, the International Women’s Day, I had the opportunity to glance through an astounding video; a special episode of NDTV Dialogues about the documentary, India’s Daughter; and it is needless to say that I could actually feel the adrenal rush even without watching the documentary itself!

Leslee Udwin-PTI

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It takes immense courage, and a dynamic strength to overcome the trauma of being raped and to come up with a social documentation that examines closely, the very root of the problem that persists in our society! Perhaps, none of us can experience (or rather we would not even like to dream of such an incident even in our worst nightmare) what a victim has been through; and when that particular woman, overcomes the shock, the anguish of the incident she inevitably turns into a dynamic personality, ready to kill the demons of our society, much like Goddess Madurga!

It was only a few days ago, I was discussing about some brutal rape scenes with a woman, that she suggested that a woman who dares to exercise her freedom, and exhibits her body unhesitatingly deserves to be raped, as portrayed candidly in the film I Spit on Your Grave! This is perhaps what majority of individuals (not only in India, but) across the entire globe feels; on the contrary, the society doesn’t pay a heed to a man masturbating outside my window and openly showcasing his genitals shamelessly!


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 Ever since the Nirbhaya incident, I have been writing several articles about the importance of sex education; and yet till date I am confused about the fact, why on Earth does people refrain from educating the young ones about these crucial issues! As a child, I too had experienced molestations at a nascent stage, but I was never sure why the man was behaving in such weird manner!

It was during my board exams in10th standard, that I shared an incident with my elder sister, who instantly reported the same to my parents. Only then, I realized that the man was viewing me as an item for satisfying his sexual urges.

There is no harm denying the fact that, my father too at that point raised finger at me for wearing sleeveless salwar and using body sprays (for that might have turned on my Maths teacher)! I felt tremendously insulted and hurt, that my parents, instead punishing the coveted man were judging me!

This is the harsh reality! We talk about equality; we march endlessly in streets demanding equality; we promote products and services in the name of equality, but when it comes to practising the same in our daily lives, we would rather say:

“Women love to be possessed by men.”


We love to surrender to our beloved”! [Quoted from the Facebook posts of a famous (or shall I say infamous 😉 ) contemporary novelist Miss Poonam Uppal ]

And the “beloved” in turn takes the advantage of our weakness and enjoys the fruits of our labour by the aid of the most popular tool patriarchy “gender inequality”!


Now, the benefit of banning a rational social document is certainly unavoidable in order to practise hegemony ceaselessly!

A day after tomorrow, we will see a lot of campaigns like:


(Witness the world with the eyes of a woman; which again indicates gender inequality)


“Respect women.”

But, then one can hardly guarantee, that I will not turn into a rape victim, on my way back home, during the witching hour of the International Women’s Day itself!


Image Source is unknown

So, why on Earth is this hypocrisy? With the endless pirated websites, some day or the other I will certainly access the film if I want to access it (even though the print might not be up to the mark)! It is only the purpose of the film (to educate the MASS), which will not be fulfilled by the meaningless banning of the documentary (even if that is scripted)!  Why on Earth do you need to ban a piece of art (if they at all consider film as an art form!)? Moreover, they are also depriving the audiences from reading an interesting documentary and analyzing it (with the individualized grey cells), which is absolutely unpardonable!

In order to improve the current social scenario, I feel there should be more such documentaries that aim at exploring the various aspects of sexual assaults and gender inequalities in order to make it graspable for the common people!

What is your opinion after watching this spine-chilling NDTV discussion? Feel free to share it with me! #letsmakeindiabetter

Watch the video here:


4 thoughts on “In Solidarity With India’s Daughter!

  1. Shankar says:

    The title in one of the picture “A GIRL is far more responsible for RAPE than a BOY” is not right. If a person who do know know Mukesh Kumar read this then he might feel ‘Mukesh’ is some hero done a heroic job and he says so. I understand the intention behind the posting might be good, but the title in the image is not good. Request you to remove or replace that image.

    I am referring to the image post from


  2. Anamika says:

    Nicely done! It will take MEN may be a few more millenniums to stop looking at women the way they do. Parents who have a male child should take an active stand. The process of changing the attitude should start from all possible angles. Documentaries alone cannot do much.


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