Starting A New Life With Boldness and Confidence!

“Nothing is constant in this Universe, except change.”

This particular phrase aptly summarizes the evolution theory of Charles Darwin! Adapting oneself according to their surroundings is absolutely mandatory, in order to survive in this Universe, and the ones, who fail in the same tends to perish in almost no time!At the same time, there are many situations, when one must stand firmly with his/her decision and take a bold step to enforce a change in the pre-conceived notions or the existing norms of our society.

As mentioned in my previous posts, throughout my childhood, I have been the most disobedient kid of my entire dynasty. I was that particular child, whose parents even regretted at times for giving birth (even though I was unaware, why they did so). And as soon as I was promoted to 11th standard, that particular incident took place, which shook the lives of my entire family (including myself).



Yes! I fell in love at the age of sixteen, and despite the repeated warnings of my parents, I decided to lend my love life a sense of completeness. Slowly, I could feel myself distancing away from my parents, grandparents and even my elder sister (with whom I used to share all my secrets), and engrossed in my new mobile phone.


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I was blind in love “truly, madly and deeply”. So much, that I never took an initiative to cross check whether, my suitor too was equally in love with me! Much like, all the popular Bollywood mainstream films, I too dreamt of transforming the life of my companion, ridding him from all sorts of bad habits; and in this process, I eventually moved away from my close friends even.

“No one knows him better than I do.”

This is what I thought, whenever my friends tried to warn me, and eventually he turned into my only friend, mentor and guardian. Then came that particular day, when my so-called unearthly love showed his true colors!

It was a usual weekday, when we both bunked our science labs to spend some quality time with each other. We took a cab, right from outside our school and headed towards an unknown part of the city, Kasba. As we got down from the taxi, he showed me a huge apartment and suggested that, it was our destination.


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At the back of my mind, I was expecting to meet his parents or elder brother; I thanked God silently, that he considered me that important, to introduce with his family!

As I stepped inside the apartment, to my utter disappointment, he reached out his pocket and took out a bunch of Keys to open the door! When I asked him:

“Isn’t there anybody inside?”

He said: “No, this apartment is left empty; I often come here for relaxing and fun. Instead of roaming in the Sun, we can easily chill here!”

Then he took out a few bottles of beer and turned on the Tv. I was rather getting bored, so I decided to get some rest in the armchair, for I have to rush for my private tuition as soon as I reached home.

I don’t remember exactly, whether I feel asleep or I was just lying on it closing my eyes, that I felt a pair of hands grasping me. Being shocked I hit him, out of reflex action and regretted the same almost immediately as I regained back my senses.


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As I begged for his pardon, he immediately pulled me closer and tried to undress me forcibly. At that time, I felt myself be the most unfortunate person in the whole world. I pushed him hard, with all my strength, and freed myself, even though he managed to tear a button from my school shirt.


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Being highly insulted, I picked up my school bag and rushed outside immediately. As I walked towards the nearby bus stand, I saw a text message:

How will you reach home from here? You don’t know this place at all.”

Almost readily, I jumped into a taxi and slammed the door in tremendous anger .


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As, I headed towards my home with my shattered dreams, wearing a button-less school shirt all I could remember was my mother’s innocent face, and tears rolled down my cheeks…

In the case of many school girls, such incidents are common! But, that particular incident gave me immense strength and courage, to move out of the meaningless relationship, whereby my value was limited only in sexual satisfaction (that too, at a point when I wasn’t mentally prepared for the same)!

Today, I see many women (even several years older than me), married and unmarried surrendering themselves and their wishes to their love! But, for me nothing is more precious than self-satisfaction and the happiness of my near and dear ones!

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This my story of starting a new life! What’s your story of  overcoming the hardships when you #StartANewLife?

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