The Impeccable Joy of Togetherness!

Being born and brought up in a joint family, I always considered myself to be lucky so as to receive the infinite love and encouragement from, not just my parents and elder sister, but also my grandparents, uncle, aunt and the other young members of my family.



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Ever since I started to develop a little understanding of the world, my grandparents are the only members amongst my family, to lend me endless time and the much-needed attention. This was very vital for me, because most of the time I found my elder sister and my parents busy in their own worlds, and they had little time to tolerate or take part in my gibberish discussions!

As soon as I recall my childhood days, I remember the unconditional love of my grandmother; be it oil message every night, or tying up my hairs, or filling up the containers with a wide variety of snacks (to be enjoyed with cartoon after my school) or nursing my bleeding hands now and then.



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My grandfather, on the other hand, was my childhood hero, especially because of his tremendous storytelling skills, singing songs, educational poems and last, but not the least, his picturesque handwriting, that mesmerized me always! His unique stories ranged from fairy tales to fables, educational stories and even our family history, and tales about my father, uncle and the other neighbors (when they were of my age). It is, needless to say, that it eventually developed by imagination power and a sense of identity.


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Apart from all motivating me immensely in all sorts of activities that I took part in, my grandparents played a vital role in my life, by gifting me fulfilled childhood and an overall fulfilling experience, to be cherished as long as I am alive. I used to Thank God, for being lucky enough so as to enjoy the company of such people in my life, unlike majority of my friends, who were mostly from a nuclear family; at times, I also invited my friends in my house, and introduced them to my dadu and dadi (that is what I call my grandparents )so that they could also share the joy and warmth I enjoyed every day.

Unfortunately, a few years back, my grandparents were compelled to shift in Pune, due to a situational problem (my uncle was transferred in Pune, for better exposure and job opportunities). I had nothing to do, except watching them leave the house and I continued to live in the same house along with their wonderful memories.

It was a month ago, that I had an opportunity to spend a day with my grandparents, and it is, needless to say, that it has been one of the most beautiful days of my life. We didn’t spend our entire fortune, eating in some luxurious restaurants of Kolkata, nor we clicked endless selfies and uploaded them in social networking sites! It was perhaps an ordinary day, when my grandmother cooked me some of the delicious dishes (Hilsa Fish was one amongst them), and we had lunch together.can-stock-photo_csp5872364

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Thereafter, we went out for shopping in the local bazaar, whereby I, for the first time in my life, felt myself responsible enough to take her out and drop home safely. Then we returned home and had chit chat over a cup of tea and samosas!

Perhaps, might seem to be an ordinary event; but, that day, we (me and my mother) laughed endlessly, after a long time. It actually motivated me immensely and filled my heart with optimism, to as to do something grand in life and make my grandparents proud. I even decided, to work hard, with each passing day, so that the next time they visit Kolkata, I can actually take their full responsibility and make their trip far more convenient and comfortable (alongside fulfilling their wishes too). 🙂

This is my story, of the day, that impacted my life largely. What is yours? Share your story with #together!

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