Digital India: An Effort to Empower The Nation!

In the era of constant connectivity and instant data exchanging, there is a completely new face of India; digital illiteracy! Despite being a resident of a Metropolitan city, many a times, I had witnessed an awkward look in the face of many people whenever I tried to explain my profession. They have been wondering how on Earth, can someone work from home and collaborate with various organizations across the globe!

It has been a shocking experience for me, that many people in my locality are completely unaware of the term “blogging”, “web content development” or even “internet banking”! And even if they blog, they do not know the fact that they can even monetize their blogs. Thus, writing about a commendable initiative like #DigitalIndia is sheer pleasure!

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In today’s world, digital education is absolutely mandatory in order to win the race, without which many people end up being duped in their workplace! Being a professional blogger  and content developer for the past seven years, I have come across only a handful of tech savvy people (even though all of my friends and known ones have access to computer, laptop, and other useful gadgets). Majority of them, are yet to unravel the benefits of the gadget they are using; as of now, they are limited only in social networking or gaming activities! Then, there are the ones, who are willing to learn how to maximize the benefits of the digital technology, but are unable to access them due to their current financial situation.

In such a scenario, the ambitious concept of e-governance by president Narendra Modi seems to be a distant dream, without the wonderful initiative by Intel. The dynamic initiative of e-governance is deemed to enable all the Indian citizens, the ability to access all the necessary information pertaining to the citizen services, and the reforms introduced in the existing norms of the country. The president aims, at building up an effective platform, for the Indian citizens to communicate and interact directly with the Government, making it convenient for both, to exchange knowledge about the Indian citizen services conveniently.

Unfortunately, without, at least one digitally literate person residing in a house (throughout the country), the initiative can never deliver desirable results and this is exactly where the Digital India campaign comes into play!

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It is worth mentioning here, that Intel has already transformed the educational sector significantly, by effective use of technology; and the Intel Teach Program as well as the National Digital Literacy Mission, has proved “nothing is impossible” by making it possible to achieve digital literacy even for the unfortunate ones (people without proper resources) by the aid of the effective campaigns even in the remotest corner of the country. Reports suggest that ever since the year 2012, Intel has already reached out to as many as 38 lakh Indians, by the aid of their simplest digital training program.

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The National Digital Literacy Mission, by Intel, is now aided by the government of India, in order to reach a milestone in terms digital empowerment and lend Namo’s e-governance a grand success!

Thus, as the proud residents of the “powerhouse of Softwares”, we can now expect a significant turnover in terms of digital education in the successive years, with the exclusive concord of the Indian Government and world’s leading cheap supplier, Intel in the form of the exclusive #DigitalIndia campaign and thereafter a fruitful governance, in the long run!

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 This post is sponsored by Intel, India.

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