Turn on Your Taste Buds With Yummilicious Singaporean Dishes!

Singapore, being one of the hottest dining and travel destinations, boasts itself, in treating the taste buds of the food lovers all across the globe. The incredible range of food variations, coupled with the mouth-watering smells, comes in tremendously flexible budget making it possible for everybody to try out the same.

Despite being a Bengali by birth, I lack the typical craving for rice and fish, wherever I go. But, indeed it is very hard for me to survive in any part of the world, without a refreshing morning tea, that actually boosts up my mood with tremendous energy. If you too crave for tea, there are some extraordinary tea shops in and around Singapore, to get you started with a lovely day by choosing from, as many as 164 tea flavours in overall! Teh Tarik and The Halia are absolutely mandatory for all the tea lovers, as soon as you step in Singapore.

To start tasting the yummilicious Singaporean dishes, one doesn’t need to be exceptionally rich and that is the best part of Singapore! With a wide range of options, one is actually spoiled for choice which one to taste! However, if you are visiting Singapore for the first time, you must not refrain yourself from trying out the range of local treats as long as your stomach permits. Here are the top three Singaporean dishes that one cannot afford to leave out, from their Singapore trip:

  • Chicken Rice: This is perhaps the most common form of Singaporean dish and is often referred to as the National dish of Singapore. The visitors might often avoid this dish, thinking, what is so special about Chicken and rice, but the ones, who takes the plunge is sure to cherish the taste, for the rest of their lives!

imagesImage Source: indolentdandy.net

Because of the immense popularity of the dish, it is amply available everywhere, from top notch luxurious hotels to the incredibly cheap hawker stalls! In general, the dish is prepared with steamed chicken and freshly sliced cucumbers being served on the top of pleasant smelling cooked rice. The unique sauce dipping, lend this dish a sense of completeness. Try out the varieties of sauces, including chilli garlic, pounded ginger and much more. Unless you are too sophisticated by nature, it is always recommended to hunt around the local food stalls, and the chances are that you might discover some unique creativity within the dish apart from its common variants, roasted chicken or soy sauce.

  • Chilli Crab: These days, preparing crabs at home, is indeed a hazardous task keeping aside our busy schedule. But, if you ever fall in love with crab, it is indeed very hard to forget the delicious taste and the joy of removing the inedible shells to take out the actual flesh! Chilli Crab is one of the signature dishes of Singapore, which continues to top the list of best selling dishes in Singapore, from quite a long time. The spicy gravy is sure to turn your taste buds on especially if you are eating crabs after a long time!


ladyironchef_palmbeach_7881Image Source: www.ladyironchef.com

  • BBQ chicken wings: Even if you are not very fond of the extra fat hawker dishes, Singapore will not disappoint you. Because I am not very fond of red meat or fish heads, I am always very skeptic while travelling with some of the greedy souls (my friends); and the best part of Singapore, is that with a wide variety of options, one doesn’t need to worry about their choices!

bbq-chicken-wings-bImage Source:www.simplyrecipes.com

#Tip: The BBQ chicken is best enjoyed with a spicy dip and chilled beer!

For more such mouth-watering dishes, check out: http://discover.stayfareast.com/.


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