A Tale of Two Sisters

It has been aptly said by George Sand, that” there is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”Ever since our childhood, the concept of happiness changes consistently as we grow up. From the cheapest ice –Cream (gola) or cotton candy sticks to branded clothes or Mercedes Benz; almost all of us crave for something in life, but it is, needless to say, that the ultimate joy lies in sharing our precious moments with our near and dear ones!

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Imagine the world without your loved ones…

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 I bet none can ever taste success and happiness in the absence of the most important person of their life (even the selfish giant failed to do so alone, according to Oscar Wilde)! As I walk down the memory lane, I cherish the unique blend of sweet-bitter memory that I shared with my elder sister.

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Even though there is no harm in denying the fact, that many a times, I secretly wished to be a single child, so that I could be my mom’s favourite; but, lately, I realized that there was an unsimulated joy, in stealing her clothes and precious possessions and creeping outside silently! That, of course, was  followed by a melodramatic episode of howls, catfights, and endless tears (as most of the time, I broke her precious possessions and placed them in the original position; which was obviously discovered after a while).

0511-1010-1220-4814_Cartoon_of_Two_Women_Fighting_in_a_Living_Room_clipart_imageImage Source: dinnerandabook-deardonna.blogspot.com

This joy was practically impossible to achieve if she donated me her clothes or accessories willingly (even though the experience might not be pleasurable for our neighbors ;-)).

 07b6364f51583bf2fce548284710e062Image source:www.pinterest.com

Happiness for me at that point in life was:

  • Sharing Maggie (a popular noodles brand) with my elder sister, on an exceptional night, followed by a nice film (preferably starred by Shah Rukh Khan ;-));
  • Screaming out loud on 31st night or during Cricket World Cups (even though I apparently had no interest in Cricket);
  • Rushing to our backyards, for collecting unripe mangoes on a stormy night;
  • Playing loud music(preferably the Bollywood songs of 90s) and dancing with her;
  • Playing Antakshari (a popular game of songs) during the endless hours of a power cut;
  • Fighting for the leg pieces of chicken on Sundays;

And lastly,

  • Playing some weird games, during the dark hours of night, followed by an intense philosophical discussion about life (until mom rushed in our room and turned the lights on, seeking an explanation for the night long giggling)!

 Two-women-huggingImage Source: ruthlsnyder.com

Unfortunately, we never realize the importance of a person as long as she is accessible for us! It was only during her wedding night, that I felt she longer belongs to me! Gone are those days, when we would scream endlessly at each other, and ultimately end up hugging and cuddling each other with tearful eyes!

But, It was two days after her wedding that she proved me completely wrong :-p. No matter, how much careful I was with all my responsibilities. somehow, she managed to detect an excuse and ultimately fight (as long as our energy permitted) till I surrendered to her!

 imagesImage Source:pixgood.com

Today, even though distance have parted us, happiness for me is essentially connected with my elder sister (didibhai); and till date, she continues to be my strength, weakness, and most importantly, my stress-reliever who have been pampering me consistently ever since the day I was born!

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