Try Your Luck in Ek Nayi League And Secure Your Chance To Meet The Cricket Legend!

Are you tired or bored of the age old daily soaps? Well, here is an all-new exciting venture by none other than the former Indian cricket captain, Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj!

So what exactly is Ek Nayi League?

Have you already started to lose interest from the show, simply because you are not a huge cricket buff like me? Well, the show might not be related to IPL at all, and you might catch up your favourite celebrities sharing some of their intense personal stories! It can also be an innovative game show, with some exclusive rounds for the individuals who can make room for themselves in the hot seat!

As long as the former Indian cricket captain refuses to unleash the secrets formally, we are allowed to keep guessing endlessly about his recent venture, much like the sports personalities and the celebrities from different fields. Watch the videos, and share the fun, by guessing!

What does the legend say about his venture?

Throughout our lives, we have been told that, undauntable desire is the key to taste success! That is exactly what Kapil Dev suggests about his new show! Moreover, the legend suggests, in order to win here, one must play wholeheartedly!


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Secondly, in the numerous videos as well as images, Kapil Dev points towards his head, thereby implying the importance of brains in his league. To be very precise, it requires instant decision taking and deeper thinking so as to participate in the game in a dynamic way.

My Guesses about Ek Nayi League:

  • In the first place, I guessed, that it might be a quiz contest, especially designed for the cricket or sport lovers; Because of the name, as well as the fact that it is naturally different to associate a legendary cricket personality, with something else, rather than cricket!

However, it hit me suddenly that why would Sir Kapil Dev refer to an ordinary quiz contest as “nayi” (or new)? There has to be a twist in the show!

  • Thus, my next guess is that it can be a game show that might act as a bridge between the sports fans and the celebrities, preferably the cricketers or the eminent sports personalities. This way, it might act as a gateway to interact with your favourite sports stars!

What I find interesting is the mystery behind the game show, before its formal launch! The legend, himself has asked the individuals, as well as celebrities, from various sectors to participate in the guessing activity; and if you are lucky enough, you might grab 100,000 INR, along with an exclusive chance to meet Kapil Dev!

In India, we hardly have shows, or gaming activities, specially designed for the sports lovers; expecting that #eknayileague will certainly quench the thirsts of the cricket or sporting activity fans! So what are your guesses? Log into, and start sharing your guess today!


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