The Day I Realized the Potentialities of My First Expert!

Even before the very first day, I began to develop a little understanding of the world around me, there was only one person, whose physical presence, lent me a sense of completeness and comfortability; my mother! She has been the poor soul in the past 24 years, to tolerate my tremendous mood swings, tantrums, and the worst temper ever, and that too consistently (even though I go on telling her that all these traits have been genetically transmitted by her).

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However, these are nothing new! Almost all of us have this particular door open, even though all other doors are closed, to shake off all sorts of anguish and be completely stress-free! The most amazing or shocking part about my personal experience is, how on Earth, she gets to read my mind this well. She boasts about it proudly:  “ Tui haan korle ami Howrah bujhe jai” (the moment you open your mouth, I understand what you are going to say)!

Nevertheless, with the passage of time, I tried to explain myself (mainly due to our small catfights) that, being a fully grown up independent individual, I don’t need to share everything with her. I can protect and sustain myself perfectly well.

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Everything was going perfectly according to my plan; I was on the verge of teaching her, how matured and grown up person I am, when all of I sudden I began to have the worst toothache ever. The dentist, almost readily concluded that I have a wisdom tooth coming out, which must be operated immediately, or else it will continuously trouble me for the rest of my life.

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After a series of discussions and debate sessions with the other family members, finally I decided to go for the operation. It is, needless to say, that the overall process took hardly an hour, even though I created a huge mess at the clinic, because of the absence of my mother.


[Be it a board exam, graduation finals or a routine check up, this person has to accompany me, in order to make it successful; and despite her varicose vein operation, she actually accompanied me in my examination hall, prior to this particular incident.]

As I reached home, instead of showering me with endless love and sympathy, I found my mother behaving quite normally as if nothing happened! And this in turn generated tremendous anger in me, which took the shape of a cold war in due course of time, and I refrained from all sorts of conversations (even in indirect speech) with her.



Finally, it was dinner time, and I was almost starving, since I had nothing after the operation! When my mother asked me, what I will prefer to have, I proudly presented her a pack of Maggie, and wrote in a piece of paper that, I would like to cook it specifically as per my needs. So, my mom made way for me in the kitchen. After 10 minutes, my 2 minutes Maggie noodles was ready, exactly the way I wanted it to be!


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I placed it firmly, in front of the television set, and allowed it to cool down. When it was the dinner time, I was shocked to find that despite trying hard to consume the self-made Maggie from various angles and in the tiniest possible amount, I could barely open my mouth! As my favorite Maggie noodles lay down in the floor…tears rolled down slowly through my cheeks… and I lay there restlessly!


After an hour, my mother wrapped up her work and came to my room. I could hardly show her my face, in tremendous shame and anger! Astonishingly, my mother, hardly took a notice of all these, and picked up the bowl of Maggie slowly and left the room. In half a minute, she was back with a huge glass of Saboo-Milk in her hand. Wiping off my tears, she handed me the glass and it, is, needless to say, I finished the glass almost instantly!

From the next day onwards, I surrendered completely to her! That was, when she revealed, that as soon as I went to the dentist for operation, she went to the local grocery shop, to grab all the necessary items to prepare the liquid diets for the week, and that was why she did not accompany me during the operation! At that point, I realized what a fool I have been, trying to judge the reactions of the person, who actually brought me in this beautiful world!


It took me almost a decade to realize, that there is no better place in this world, to release our stresses and be pampered endlessly, even though she might not express it to me the way I want her to! But then, as Kurkure says “tedha hai, par mera hai” (She might not be straight and simple, but she is mine). 😉

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Happy Mother Day to all the lucky women across the globe, who are blessed to have experienced the joy of motherhood!

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