A good news for the cricket lovers!

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India! Even though a handful of kids from our locality plays the game on a regular basis, almost the entire India stay glued in front of the television sets during a match!



Image Source:www.planetcricket.org

The hype of the sports is evident, from the way we celebrate the winning or losing of a game; As soon as India wins a match in world cup, you will find that the local sweet shop owners are distributing free sweets or snacks (of course till the stock lasts), or are decorating the entire city with the Indian flag and posters of the champions! The madness goes to that extent, that many teenagers, even starts worshipping them!


Image Source:poojashahdesai.wordpress.com

As a result, any form of cricket match (be it IPL, T20 matches or a Test series) are of immense importance for the Indians! I myself is not a fan of the sport, but my near and dear ones, tend to alter their schedules (whenever possible), simply to watch a match!

However, it is not possible to visit the stadium for every match (unless you have special contacts)or even sit at home during every match and thus, they keep calling me and my friends to keep track of the scores! I understand, that it is largely difficult for them to focus on work when an extremely vital match is going on! Moreover, who likes to wait for a repeated telecast of the match when you get to hear the loud commentaries in the radio channels? This is where the internet turns out to be a saviour!

With smartphones, tablets the office goers too can now enjoy a match even when they are at the move, and if they carry a laptop, it turns out to be perfect! They can sit and enjoy a much, in their personal cubicle, with a headphone. In order to avoid people staring at them, they can switch the laptop, with a decent tablet, that offers high-quality videos!

It’s all about a fast internet connection:

A fast internet connection thus can save all these problems easily! Unfortunately, in most of the cases, you will find that it goes on buffering on and on, leaving you impatient! The all new browser,  for the cricket lovers, comes handy in this respect, promising the cricket lovers of India a seamless match watching, without any more buffering! The punch line aptly defines their role Surf it all, surf it fast; which means no more buffering during your favourite match or call up people to know the score! Get the free app from the play store, and open your pages faster and better!

Features of the amazing browser:



Image Source:greenhatworld.com




The all new UC browser, brings in an array of features, including:

  • User friendly searching experience;
  • Seamless browsing and downloading;
  • Gaming as well as video;
  • Shopping conveniently without any interruptions;
  • Sharing the social networking sites!

So, grab the UC Browser, today and gear up for the next match. Doesn’t matter whether you are at move or sit at your workplace; one thing is confirm,you will never miss a match again!

Post sponsored by:http://www.ucweb.com/


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