Prep up to greet your baby!

It is a known fact, that the tender skin of the newly born deserves special attention and care, compared to the adults. Because the baby needs some time to adjust itself with its surroundings, the baby’s skin at this particular stage of development is prone to an array of skin rashes and infections.




 Even though types of rashes are not harmful and might vanish naturally, it tends to bother the parents immensely; after all who likes to see the tiny red acnes or the extremely dry, peeling skin wearing off now and then? If you are facing similar problems with your little ones, here are some of the possible precautions you may take to protect your child from the hazards of serious skin infections:

Keep yourself and your room tidy:

 Despite delivering endless lectures about keeping ourselves neat and tidy, most of the time it skips out of our mind, mainly due to our hectic schedule. If you are finding it hard to manage time, as soon as you resume from maternity leave, you may consider the option of carrying a hand sanitizer all the time. Thus, no more rushing into the washroom; just use the hand sanitizers, whenever you come close to the baby.


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Did you know the reasons for Eczema?

Even though the main reason of the problem is still unknown, the common causes include:

  • Viral infections;
  • Food allergy;
  • Exposure to dust, animal furs or flowers for a long time;
  • Intolerance towards, soaps, toiletries or fabrics.

In general, the babies first develop a reddish type rash on their face, with unnatural dryness. Thereafter, it spreads towards the scalp, throughout the body, ears, arms etc.  The rash creates, severe irritation and itchiness, leading to sleep disorders, mood irritations and a host of other problems!

Use kitchen products to take care of your child:

While selecting the skin care products for your child, you need to invest ample time in cross-examining the products so as to ensure that they will not harm your child in the long run. Natural products turn out to be the best solution to this issue, as they will perform the same task as the expensive products, but in a better way!


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However, it is practically impossible to monitor every item closely or manufacture nature grooming products, right at your home. Both are time-consuming and hazardous by nature; this is exactly where the all new Dabur Baby Massage Oil, enriched with the goodness of Olive & Almond oil comes into play!

Since time immemorial, almond and olive oil have been used endlessly to benefit the body endlessly! Be it hair nourishment, or special beauty treatments; sweet almond oil is practically unreplaceable; while Olive oil, being rich in vitamins and essential minerals, tend to nourish, protect as well as rejuvenate the skin! So, give your child the deadly combination of the two from a tender age, and ensure a supple skin, free from skin rashes and infections!



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