Creamalicious Pasta Treat Within Your Fingertips!

All of us are aware of the wide variety of Italian cuisines and wine. It is indeed a treat for the nose as well as the taste buds! Moreover, the less spicy creamalicious dishes are best for those who crave for the cheesy Italian food!
Preparing your favorite pasta at your home is no more an arduous task! With the sauce, being readily available at the market, one hardly needs to worry anymore. However, I prefer to prepare the white sauce at my home, for the sheer fact that I can easily alter the quantity of the milk, butter, cream and cheese (which is highly restricted for the elderly members of my family). But the readymade sauce, can be used about a tablespoon or so, to add a special flavor. Here is the simplest recipe of White pasta:

• Del Monte Pasta /Macaroni: 1 cup;
• Water: 1 cup;
• Oil: 1/2 teaspoon;
• Salt: 1 teaspoon.

1. Pour the water, oil and salt in the kadhai, and heat it aggressively.
2. Pour the Del Monte pasta in it, and heat it for 10-15 minutes on the medium flame.
3. Let it boil well in the water.
4. Filter the pasta out from the water, with a chelni.

Pro-tip: This is a very important step because the pasta should not be over boiled, so that it melts away or sticks to each other. This is exactly, why the refined oil is required. The Del Monte pasta is better in this respect, compared to the local ones. Even after boiling it very well, it was very easy to separate them out from each other.
After this, we need to prepare the white sauce. Here you may use veggies to add the nutritional value of the dish. I avoided mushrooms, because of allergy; but you may add them to improve the overall taste.
Ingredients required for the white sauce:
• Butter: 2 1\2 tablespoons (I use Nutrilite);
• Milk: 1 Cups;
• Cheese: 100 grams;
• Cream ½ cup;
• Flour: 2 tablespoons;
• Oregano: 1 teaspoon;
• Red chilli flakes: 1 teaspoon;
• Chopped and cooked veggies;
• Baby corn;
• Onion: 2 medium size
• Capsicum: 1 medium sized;
• Pepper;(according to your preference)
• Salt (to taste)
1. Add butter in kadai, and heat it until it melts;
2. Add onion in it and fry it well;
3. Add baby corn, capsicum, cooked veggies and oregano and stir well;

4. Add flour to it and heat them for some time;
5. Add salt, red chilli flakes, milk, pepper and cook them for 5 minutes. Approx.
6. Add cream to the mixture and then the boiled pasta to stir well.

7. Pour the cheese and grill it for a while.
Garnish it with veggies, and serve hot!


Tip: After decoration, add some extra cheese on it.
PS: Even though usually one doesn’t use tomato in white pasta, I actually used a medium sized tomato, because it adds a special flavour to it.

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