Making The Most of AIrtel 4G!

A network problem is perhaps the most irritating situation, which all of us have experienced at times. I myself have been suffering from this problem tremendously, for the past few months, which has even hindered the progress of my business significantly.
Soon, after we have shifted in our new home, I asked my Local Cable operator, to install the internet connection, so that I can resume my work. I kept calling and irritating the guy until he was forced into a situation when he refrained from answering back my calls. Next, I requested my dadu (grandfather, who lives next door to us) to call the guy up. Despite committing him almost readily, that he will be visiting our apartment that day, till date he never turned up, sometimes due to heavy rain in Kolkata, and sometimes with the excuse of being forgotten! That was a major blow for me and my business!

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Next, I immediately got hold of a Dlink wireless data card and purchased an airtel sim, which was activated the next day! This was actually a pure bliss for me! How long would you hold back your clients with an internet connection, which works like a snail? How long would you ask a multinational company to wait, till you can attach huge files of documentation and other stuff?
In this era of the rat race, either one performs or perishes almost instantly!

Worst case of stress I've ever seen!

Worst case of stress I’ve ever seen!

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And it is, needless to say, that speed and effective communication plays a vital role to succeed in today’s market. If you are slow or moderate in performance, there are 100 candidates waiting to replace you! In fact, we all think of maximizing the revenue of our organizations! Why would I hire someone, who requires extra time to produce a creative content when I have someone, who can get it done faster?



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After all, Time is Money, and this holds true for a business, in every possible aspect!
Faster internet connection, like I mentioned earlier, will certainly solve an array of problems, which I have been experiencing currently!
• I can have a clear Skype experience, with all my clients (be it international, national or even local.)Which means, when there is any quality issue, I don’t necessarily need to rush to the other corner of my city, to get the problem solved. I can solve it right from my home, or even when I am at move!
• Being a negligible part of the film industry, we often look for effective videos or tools to upgrade ourselves. With a faster browsing experience, I can always watch a Youtube video to learn a task or to do it much efficiently!
• With a faster browsing experience, inevitably our writing or demonstrating task will speed up manifold, which means no more failing of deadline, no more arguments, and an improved productivity.

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Being a part of the global system, today we are used to communicating and connecting with each other seamlessly. Any deviation from this will alienate an individual completely from the rest of the world, and practically speaking, it is impossible for any business organization or an individual, to operate solely, without collaborating with other organizations or individuals! So switch to Airtel 4G, for a lighting fast speed and turn the face of your business within a month!

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