Celebrating the joy of blogging With Indiblogger and BergerXP!

A glimpse of my past!

Two years back, in 2013 a relatively less confident individual was running across the job requirements in “skill pages”, forwarding her cv and previously written samples with the hope, that she can grab an opportunity to arrange for her pocket money by writing in her spare time.


Image Source: http://manuangel.blog.com/files/2011/07/2-7th-jan1.jpg

She came across an enthu-cutlet, and literally a genius, who was at least two years younger than her; he offered her the scope to be a  blogger, in his independent venture Startcup!

Startcup Cover Image

Image Source: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-StCmPnrS3PE/UUpFMHmHwHI/AAAAAAAAAEc/OcRBJPTdaig/s630-fcrop64=1,006d0000ff91ffff/Startcup%2BCover%2BImage.png

Ever since that day, I never had to look back in life! I started writing almost full time for the startup, and learned all the nuts and bolts of online marketing by working closely with Startcup (even though I earned very little), and eventually blogging turned into an addiction!
Even though I have been writing diaries, unpublished poems and contents for various organizations, I actually never thought of exhibiting the same! It was through startcup, that I learned what it felt like when people appreciate my work and what it feels like to have my own business card!

urlImage Source: www.123rf.com

I was overwhelmed with our small family in Startcup when we actually bagged the Indiblogger award in the year 2013! That was another turning point of my career; I got to know about the amazing blogging community, Indiblogger!


Image Source: http://www.indiblogger.in/iba/img/edition-1/winners-badges/6705.png

I actually thought, alongside writing for Startcup, (by that time, it meant my world and the success of Startcup, felt like my own success) I should also have my own blog, whereby I can cover the unexplored aspects of filmmaking. Even though a lot of people are enthusiastic about writing film reviews, it was equally important to educate the domestic audiences about the meta-texts which very few people can decode; and also help the young filmmakers to understand and implement the new filmmaking techniques. And I started my website, FilmSpeak with a handful of authors.


Indiblogger: The ultimate game changer!

However, when I came across the numerous inspiring blogs in Indiblogger, I also felt I should talk about random social issues so as to engage in a healthy discussion; and that is how I started my personal blog! Even though many people put up their opinions in Facebook, only a few people take interest in them; others merely hit the like button, unlike Indiblogger where a blogger can actually connect with like-minded people across the globe and engage in fruitful discussions. Moreover, the Indirank, votes are always there to catalyse a blogger! In fact, as I turned my “blog’ into a business venture, with 50 serious employees I get very little time to write; Indiblogger is the sole reason, why I can constantly feed my blog despite the busy schedule!

In these two years, my career took a completely different path altogether. Rather than joining a leading advertising agency or a production house, I can actually think of creating more opportunities for the talented individuals across the country. What can be better in life?

The gala event: Berger Express Painting IndiBlogger Meet!


Image Source: www.indiblogger.in

Thus, I was eagerly looking for an opportunity to the people, who have transformed the face of my career in just two years, and Indiblogger made it happen this evening, through the #BergerXP meet! Because of my busy schedule, it is very difficult to attend the events in other parts of the country, so I was longing for one such event in my city!


Image Courtesy : Indiblogger

And the huge population at The Grand Oberoi Hotel, speak volume of the excitement behind the event! The event kicked off, with the participants explaining their colorful images (I was a little late at the event) and sharing their exclusive blogging tips, followed by a short presentation of the innovative machines by Berger which demonstrated the faster, cleaner and better way of painting home.
However, the last event was the most exciting one amongst all; the team activity which involved sanding a rough board, and a painting contest, which we took up pretty seriously. Even though we did not win the competition, all of us felt like winners as we completed our colorful painting “Spread the word, save nature” by the collaborative effort by team Octopus!


Image Courtesy : Indiblogger

There were numerous prizes, for the best painting, photo contest, best tweet of the evening and so on! Two of our team members bagged prizes for the best photo contest (for his craziest photo ever) as well as for the most creative tweet of the evening. Then we were served the most delicious dishes to satisfy our hunger before we rushed home, and the dishes were yummy (even though I couldn’t eat all the preparations). What can be better than spending an evening with like-minded people, meeting the people who have been inspiring me for two years, taking part in exciting activities, making new friends, clicking craziest selfies and satisfying our taste buds with delicious treats!

The photograph, gifted to me by the Indi-team is perhaps the best prize I have ever got in my life, along with the cute goody bag which had a surprise gift along with the catalogs of Berger Paint (which is also helpful for me, since we are about to paint our new apartment)!


Image Courtesy : Indiblogger

The city of Joy deserves some love!

Almost all other blogging communities prioritize Mumbai or Bangalore for such grand events, whereas there are numerous talented individuals in Kolkata who are eagerly looking for opportunities! In fact, despite being active bloggers, many of them are scared of talking about their blogs. I, myself, have seen many writers of my company are a bit skeptic to promote their blogs online; and others are hardly aware of the active blogging communities! Such exciting blogging events motivate a blogger, to come out of their shells and speak about their artistic creations; and more discussions mean exchange of ideas and showcasing their talents!
I feel very fortunate, to have come across an exciting group of people who are willing to help each other, with the ways of promoting their blogs and how one can actually turn their passion into a profession. Thus, we have decided to keep in constant touch with each other after the event through social networking sites and of course, through Indiblogger.
So, through this blog post, I would like to thank Indiblogger for what I am today and #BergerXp for presenting the amazing evening to the city of Joy. I will be eagerly waiting for more such grand events, (especially if there is any workshop or discussion session organized to help the bloggers of Kolkata to increase their online visibility) and also any healthy discussion session!


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