An Initiative to Recreate the Joy of Real Togetherness!

In the era of Whatsapp and Instagram, the concept of togetherness has moved towards online connectivity. Practically speaking, today we can hardly imagine our world without these online platforms, so as to be connected with our near ones.


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Being born and brought up in a joint family, the concept of “togetherness” for us has always been the family functions. Whenever we had a small family gathering, all the family members would sit in a circular way and start their exceptional performances.


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While the male members of the family mastered the art of playing an array of musical instruments, like Keyboards, Tabla or Mouth Organ etc. the females have always been exceptional vocalists, competing steadily each other in different genres. These functions which always continued till late night has always been the centre of attraction for the family gatherings, apart from the fun filled gossips and chit-chats.

I still remember the way my uncles and aunts used to tease us in front of the other family members and lightened even a tensed situation at home; and when all the cousins would get together, during any occasion it meant endless fun. We felt so complete with each other, that we hardly cared about the occasion for gathering, or about the invitees!

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From sharing stories about our infatuations to engaging in card games for hours; from our swimming lessons in the local pond, to watching even the most horrible Bollywood movie together; it is a fact that we had the best childhood ever.

With the passage of time, all the cousins and family members have moved and settled down in different parts of the globe, transforming the meaning of “togetherness” into our Whatsapp and Facebook family group, or a skype conference with a majority of the family members at the same time. Unfortunately, the senior members of our family often miss this joy, because they are not acquainted with the technological innovations.


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The fact is that, the gen-x children, are missing out the real joy of togetherness, because of the circumstantial changes. With the houses being turned into huge apartments, and the local ponds being replaced with the luxurious swimming pools, they can hardly realize the fun of plunging into the pond with our near and dear ones or the joy of collecting mangoes from our own yards! A countryside vacation can probably bring back the wildness of connecting with each other keeping aside the digital stress. But the intimate bond, which we share with each other can only be created if we can rebuild our residential building, with its naturalistic surrounding.

Ever since the time of emergence, human beings are intimately connected with Nature. All it needs, is a little initiative, to reunite with our loved ones and create the memories and magic! So start your journey today, by ordering the seeds or vising Kissanpur today!

This post is sponsored by Kissan India.

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