My Inspiration: The Living Dana Evans

As a child, I always found myself in grave danger; whenever I was asked about my ambition in life! This was probably because I was always a confused soul, who wanted to try out everything, before settling down with one particular profession. All the family members, as well as my distant relatives, found this crazy because they felt that it was very crucial to prepare oneself from an early stage, so as to face the upcoming challenges in my professional life.


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Unfortunately, despite trying hard to organize my interests and thoughts, I wanted to be a professional vocalist (and a dancer), a teacher, a writer, a geologist, an astronaut as well as a vagabond. I found interest in almost everything I could do, and thus focusing in one particular profession seemed impossible, until the day the day I came across the dynamic character Dana Evans (a frictional journalist created by Sydney Sheldon, in the two books Best Laid Plans and The Sky, is Falling). The thought of crime investigation, and to make the truth accessible to the common people is indeed a challenging task, but they way she did this was even more inspiring.


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In the previous book, (Best Laid Plans), even though she was just a subplot, this dynamic television reporter manages to cast her spell through the stupendous description of the scenario during a war. Not only did she manages to cover the war for a prolonged period of three months (risking her own life), but she also adopts an armless victim, in order to gift him a better life (we find this in The Sky is Falling). These two novels inspired me, to do something, which will make my life more meaningful.


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My determination was furthermore strengthened by the Kargil War coverage by the leading television journalist Barkha Dutt. I felt, that I have found the real Dana Evans!


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The motivating talk shows like We the People or The Buck Stops Here, along with her dynamic writings has played a vital role in shaping up my tender mind. It needs immense strength, and a fearless mind to stand up against the pre-conceived notions of the society; and it is with mentioning here, that even though she has been repeatedly criticized in several instances, she is perhaps the only female journalist who has inspired (and is still inspiring) numerous women across the globe.


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Being born and brought up in an ordinary middle-class family, it took several years to realize that such fearless souls are not born every day; and even if you bear the courage, there are endless restrictions for a girl, to come out of the shell and follow the heart. On the other hand, even if they manage to take the challenge, in every step they have to overcome the deceitfulness and falsehood, in order to flourish in their career. It is the courage, self-confidence, desire to seek the ultimate truth and the passion for the profession, which drives these women from within and that in turn, makes them #madeofgreat!

Even though I did not take up the profession of television journalism, it is needless to say that these women (fictitious as well as real life) have actually transformed my life a lot; from a shy, introvert confused little girl, to a bold feminist with a brave heart! Thanks to the Tata Motors #manofgreat campaign, for motivating me to share my experience which reflects the motivation of “Seeking Excellence” and “Self Belief” as showcased by the duo- Tata Motors and Lionel Messi.

What do you think of Tat Motor’s association of Messi? Share your views in the comment box to win an exciting shopping voucher!


3 thoughts on “My Inspiration: The Living Dana Evans

  1. debapriya10 says:

    Man…it’s Messi!!! This is the first instance of an Indian brand reaching out to the top-most sports celeb of the world. This clearly shows the globalization of Tata Motors after buying Jaguar etc.This time an Indian auto-mobile brand is going global instead of the opposite way around. So far, brands like Fiat, Mercedes, BMW, General Motors has come to India; but now an Indian brand is going abroad. This showcases the growth and achievements of our auto-mobile and technology sector. Enough reason to be proud and happy as an Indian. Cheers Tata Motors!!!


  2. reshamblr says:

    Very nicely penned. Even I never had any fixed aim or ambition during the days when our parents or seniors forced to thrust a run of the mill kind of career goal on us, either directly or indirectly by asking ” what do you want to be when you grow up?” Messi and Tata Motors is a lethal combo, and I am sure this will revolutionize the gloablization concept. Cheers Tata Motors! Great write up Arunima Basu. Keep writing :). Cheers to Tata Motors!

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