The city of dreams!

Bambai se aaya mera dost; dost ko salam karo!”

As a child, I used to long for the company of my cousin sister (who was residing in Bombay at that time). But, when my uncle got transferred in Kolkata, I could see the grudge in my sister’s eyes because she was forced to settle down in Kolkata. Often, she used to murmur “I will definitely move to Bombay and settle down there as I grow up”; while I used to wonder what is  so special about her city, that she is disgusted with Kolkata (even though our entire family and our ancestral home were here)?


As I grew up, slowly I found the answer to this question and today, I prefer myself writing about Mumbai as the most dynamic city, amongst all (despite being born and brought up in Kolkata)! The name Bombay or Mumbai itself, symbolizes dreams, dynamo, and a relentless spirit!


The seven islands, (or the fishing communities), which constituted Mumbai have been perceived as one of the most developed city, ever since the year 1845. The major roads, railways, as well as the seaports, made it easily accessible from across the different parts of the country.

5.Bombay (Mumbai) from Watson's Hotel - 19th Century photograph.jpg

So, it is needless to say, that ever since the British rule, it has been the epitome of connectivity and designing! No matter how pathetic the years of British colonialism has been the artistic Victorian architecture, is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime, and among the very few cities, that have been designed and developed carefully by the Britishers, Mumbai certainly bags a commendable rank. On the other hand, the patriotic stories of the Marathas will certainly arrest your gaze in the historic buildings across the Western India. One will amaze to find the amazing structures, and the way they have been constructed, to safeguard them from the intruders.


Whether you are planning to take a cultural tour, or you want to experience the mesmerizing sights; Mumbai is the place every foreigner wishes to visit, at least once in their life (as they visit India). Furthermore, the Mumbai Indians are known for their enthusiasm and spirit, even though the City of Joy probably ranks first in terms of drives (while it will probably rank zero or even less, in terms of connectivity). The City of Dreams symbolizes freedom, relentless joy, thrill and last but not the least Bollywood.


Being the home of one of the largest film Industries of the globe, Mumbai boasts itself as the Hollywood of India. Every year, numerous people visit there (irrespective of their age), with the indomitable desire to step into Bollywood.


In fact, many famous actors like Mithun Chakraborty (from my city, Kolkata) are known to have spent several nights in the streets of Mumbai, during the early stage of their career.


Thus, in terms of design, drives as well as connectivity, there is hardly an alternative to Mumbai, and this is perhaps the reason, why the majority of the young and creative individuals (like us) long to settle down in Mumbai!


I am participating the #madeofgreat Zonal wars on Indiblogger. East or West; Mumbai is the best!



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