The Bestseller She Wrote: A Romantic thriller!

What happens when the bank thriller Ravi Subramanian plunges into the world of romance? It results in “The Bestseller She Wrote”!


Ever since the launch of his very first book, “If God Was a Banker”, the author has been giving us a series of thrillers based on banking and finance-related crimes. This is the first time; the author took a diversion from his genre (even though the protagonist of the book is again, a successful banker).


What happens when a popular writer and a successful banker, husband or father, Aditya Kapoor falls in love with a pretty young lady Shreya? Shreya Kaushik is a final year student of IIM and a debutant writer, who is thereafter hired from the campus and assigned to Aditya’s desk. The story explores the consequences, when an innocent love and admiration, gets trapped between the personal and professional relationships; ambition and success! Sound too filmy isn’t it? Well, the cover of the book too says “soon to be a motion picture”!


Much like all the other novels of Ravi Subramanian, this one too starts like a popular Bollywood film; the way the protagonists meet, and the way their interests clash. However, while depicting the simple story, the author very subtly touches upon a few crucial aspects, one of them being the way the write-ups are selected by some of the notable publishers. And this is probably the reason, why we are often shocked to find some of the trash literature, being published and circulated widely across the country. In fact, one does not have to scratch his head constantly to guess who Aditya Kapoor is in today’s world (if they are more or less familiar with the popular Indian authors or their works)!


The author also examines the mindset of a successful man, when betrayed in love. A successful career (in every sense) and a carefully planned family; everything seems meaningless when finds himself, madly in love with someone who has been using him all the while. So, how does he achieve redemption?  Did he forgive her or seeks revenge? Read it, to get the answer!

Spoilers Alert: Even though the next part of the novel is exciting, it is not one of the best works of the author. This is because, if you are an ardent lover of thriller, you should be able to predict the ending beforehand. Furthermore, it is comparatively a bit monotonous and clichéd in many places and the charm of the author is missing in this particular book, even though the treatment of the plot is brilliant.

Final Words: The first few chapters of this book are slow and monotonous (especially if you are comparing it with his other works), but gradually it picks up the pace and makes it worth reading! “Love. Betrayal. Redemption.” I must say, it has been summed up so well!

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