Turning towards a Gold Morning with Colgate!

“And miles to go before I sleep;

And miles to go before I sleep”

Every morning, almost all of us wake up, with a positive vibe and the hope to turn towards success.  Be it a personal life, or a professional; one always years to be appreciated for their work. After a bad day, we intend to dump all our frustrations in bed.  A good night (or even a day) sleep, has the capacity to refresh and rejuvenate our minds and turn towards the brighter aspects of life. This holds even true, for the creative minds.  In order to think and start fresh, sufficient sleep is very important.

However, the next vital factor which plays a vital role in transforming the mood in the morning is a thorough brushing and tongue cleaning. Unfortunately, very few people take it seriously because of the fast paced lifestyle in today’s world. Ever since time immemorial, the branches of Neem tree have been used traditionally to clean the teeth and the mouth. It not only made the teeth stronger but also ensured that there is no odour in the mouth. However, not everybody could access the branches of Neem tree! Thus, another alternative to the Neem branches made it easier for the common people, charcoal. It is needless to say, that it was relatively less expensive than the Neem branches, and thereby served to be the best option for the common people.

With the passage of time, there have been a lot of experiments with the toothpaste, toothbrushes as well as the mouthwashes. But the majority of them fails to deliver sparkling white teeth, which is free from infection or bad odour. Thus, we keep experimenting with all the new products in the market, and end up purchasing something which tastes delicious or looks gorgeous! After all, who would like to go back to the pre-historic era and use the old fashioned methods of mouth cleaning? On the other hand, unless the teeth are cleaned perfectly every day, it will not only lead to the devastation of the teeth, but also a signal for you to bid goodbye to all the delicious dishes. In fact, one of the common dental problems is sensitive teeth, whereby the patients are unable to enjoy the yummy ice-creams or a cup of hot coffee. As a result, it is very crucial to find the right products, which will not only turn the mornings “gold”, but also safeguard your valuable pearly whites.

The all new #Colgate360GoldMornings comes with the unique promise of transforming your mornings into a “gold” one. The stunning new golden toothbrush is designed in a unique way, to pull out all the hidden food particles and clean your teeth, gum, tongue as well as cheeks in an effective way,thereby ensuring the oral hygiene at its best. So, bring home the amazing tool and transform your mornings into “gold mornings” with Colgate India!







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