Digitizing the Grand Musical Conference of My Family!

As a child, I was brought up in a cultural environment, whereby almost all the members of my family were talented artists. On every occasion day or family gatherings, all the members of our family would gather around for a gala music event. As a result, we had the constant urge of proving ourselves better in front of the guests or visitors. During every holiday, my uncle would sit with all he cousins and teach them to be perfect. This was all the more crucial when there was a nuptial ceremony taking place in our house because we have to beat the other party (the family or friends of the bride or groom) at any cost!


Each of us had a speciality! One of my uncle used to play the Keyboards, my brother used to play Tabla and another uncle used to play the mouth organ, while the others were simply amazing vocalists, specializing in different genres. Thus, our gala musical evening used to be a perfect package of the oldies, Ghazals, Rabindrasangeet (The songs by Tagore), as well as the recent peppy numbers (by the young ones). In fact, even today the “Basu Clan” signifies the musical events!



With the passage of time, all the members of our family have moved into the different parts of the globe, and like all the other families, we too are connected with each other through Facebook, Whatsapp and Skype.  Initially, we used to exchange information, images and news of each other through these communities until we found a new way to revive our spirit and passion!

It was an auspicious occasion of Bengali New Year, (we call it Poila Baisakh) when all the family members were chatting with each other about their plans for the day (in Whatsapp). All of a sudden, we found a voice message that changed our mood completely! It was an old Bengali song, sung in the melodious voice of my aunt. It was her way of wishing us Happy New Year!  Next we found consequent voice messages of my cousin sisters with Rabindra Sangeet sung at their voice. Gradually, all the members of the group started recording their special songs (for which they were popular in our community) and Whatsapping the same. I was travelling through the public transport during the event, feeling rather impatient.



Once I reached home, I went to the balcony and recorded a popular Rabindra Sangeet “Tomay gaan sonabo” (I will sing for you), and shared it in the group, feeling content!

It took only a month to realize, that all the group members were overwhelmed by the Whatsapp celebration and thus, they organized a full-fledged musical conference through Skype! It is worth mentioning here, that it was a proper music conference for more than three hours, in which even my parents took part (even though they are not tech savvy). Thereafter, we have been organizing such conferences frequently, which act as a fuel for all the family members across the globe!




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