Cracking our first big deal with Mr. Fantastico!

Launching your very own startup might turn out to be a troublesome task unless you have a Mr. Fantastico to back you up! Many of us, are under the impression, that setting up a startup is pretty much similar to the way the procedure have been depicted in the popular Bollywood movie, “Band Baja Barat”; however, it is totally untrue! You spend endless nights, in planning, plotting, calculating and ultimately fail in your mission and moan over your loss. However, in the recent time, we had the chance to bump into our Mr. Fantastico with a bit of luck and thereby turning our mission successful!


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It was a usual Monday when I managed to overcome my laziness and headed towards the conference room of my office. I checked my cell phone to discover an unanswered call, which I called back (expecting it to be a delivery boy of the courier services). To my utter disappointment, I found out in Truecaller app, that the number belonged to an employee of one of the leading hospital chains in Kolkata. I thought it must be a promotional call and tried to cut the call in short, in order to concentrate in my meeting, when the man suddenly asked me about my organization (or startup).


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Being unable to overcome my state of shock, I decided to hand over the call immediately to my sister (or partner). I convinced the person, that we will definitely call him back in exactly five minutes and immediately briefed my sister about the call. Thereafter, I tried to concentrate back in my meeting. At the evening, I got a feedback from my sister, that the owner of the hospital chains wanted to organize a meeting with us; an amateur venture without any prior work experience!


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We had almost given up the hope of cracking the deal, when the person, (who happens to be the, managing director of the hospital chains) organized a meeting and committed us that he will be handing over the project to us. Thus, with a few images (of very poor resolution) in the pen drive, we were all set for a proper presentation in a conference room of the hospital. I remember my trembling hands while handing over the pen drive to them! How will they react? Will they insult us right away or ask as to leave in a decent manner? There were numerous questions popping up in my mind; and I prayed to Jesus consistently, to make sure that they don’t throw us out of the conference room!

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The next moment, the situation was totally the reverse! As they played the images of the pen drive, they marked the products, which they wanted and began to enlist the items. Mr. Fantastico too backed us up and helped us to regain our spirit. In the next fifteen minutes, the list was ready and the owner of the Hospital chain was ready with our advance payment. Being unable to overcome the shock, fear, and joy, we became almost numb at that moment. Slowly, my sister regained back her senses, and told them that we were not carrying any documents or papers, so we were unable to provide them receipts at that moment. The man looked at us, and in a weird strong voice, commanded us to take the advance and start the project, because the formalities can be completed later!


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As we left the premises with the advance, we got to know that someone had recommended us to them unknowingly ( or out of sheer co-incidence)! Even today, we are unable to decode how this connection actually happened, but for our organization, the managing director of the hospital chain is surely Mr. Fantastico!


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


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