Leading my life fantastically!

“Achieving things at a young age is commendable but that should not go to your head. It should not make you forget that other people are also human and maybe not as brilliant or lucky as your are!”

These are the two lines; I am quoting from one of the emails of my ex-employee!

It was only yesterday, that I received these type of emails from that person (she was many years older than me). However, instead of being angry or upset, now I am feeling rather fantastic (even though I was slightly upset yesterday). The reason is that someone just explained me, that these type of statements come out of sheer frustration (about their own career) and jealousy!


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Thereafter, I pondered upon the fact that neither I am that young (I am 26 at present), nor I consider myself to be successful! The statement holds true, only when it is compared with someone (I am younger than that person, and successful with respect to her position). In today’s world, many teenagers are coming up with innovative business ideas, which are working out in many cases. In that respect, I find, that I have already started too late (because I had to overcome many social restrictions); and this I had already mentioned someone in a recent interview. Lastly, I don’t believe in the concept of sheer luck or brilliance, rather than hard work. As the old saying goes, “practise makes a man perfect” and as Sir Tennesse Williams suggests “luck is believing you’re lucky”!


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It was only a few years back, when my mom clearly told me, how ashamed she felt because I took up the subject of Film Studies instead of English (or even better, any subject in the science stream). There were many days when I had to leave my own house and stay at my relative’s place, in order to concentrate better in my academics. I even planned to shift in a local rental apartment to avoid the controversies (even though we had our own house in Kolkata).


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Life has never been fantastico ever since my childhood, simply because I was always opting for something unconventional. At the initial stage, I tried to make my parents happy and to compromise with my career, which turned out to be a disaster!

Thereafter, I had made up my mind to chase my dreams and to take calculated risks, which I could repay back easily. My parents (for obvious reasons), never understood what I wanted and this lead to distance. For almost 2-3 years, I was completely out of touch with my mother (whom I love even more than my life) and my father. Sometimes my friends understood my struggle, and supported me; sometimes I was all alone (for my sister was abroad), leading to severe depression and sleepless nights!


Image Source: www.clipartsheep.com

Finally, after all, these years of struggle, I am perhaps leading a fantstico life, whereby I can, at least, sustain myself and my loved ones. But, even today my family members are not happy until I get married and settle down! However, unlike others, I have explained them clearly that for me, settling down means a successful career rather than a husband and two kids (whom I cannot protect or sustain).

When they call me “proud” or “full of attitude”, I feel that perhaps I have a lot of reasons to be envied! Yes, this is my fantastico life that I have achieved, not out of sheer luck or brilliance, but with my hard work and stubborn nature! I am thankful to those, who have been by my side all these years and I sincerely pity those, who prefer to get married and deliver children first (instead of settling down in their career) and mourn over their frustrating life and career (and envy others)!


Image Source : toonclips.com

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