My crazy peppy brother!

It has been aptly said by someone, that some relations are made in heaven. It neither requires blood relation nor did any improved connectivity to stay connect at heart. Such special is our relationship, that it has been repeatedly mistaken to be an amorous connection. But honestly, I consider myself to be a caring sister (who can even take a bullet for him as per the Facebook gaming apps) and he considers himself to be a protective brother (whose sole aim is to protect his sister and show her the right path).


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Throughout our life, we tend to search for similarities. No matter how “different”, we want to present ourselves to the world, at heart we are always yearning for our soul mates, who will exactly think and behave like us; and thereby will understand us perfectly. I don’t know how many of you are lucky in your real life to have come across someone, whom you don’t just call soul mates, but they are actually your alter egos. In my case, it is actually true!


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He was my professor (project supervisor) during the master’s course at my University. Within a few days, of our meeting I started discovering our connections. How can someone read your exact temperament simply by reading your text messages or emoticons? Yes, he is the one who can do wonders! This peppy young fellow can transform your mood almost instantly; he can convince your parents and save you from all the scolding; he can entertain you constantly with his entertaining stories, witty poems and ideas, and so on.  I can assure you, that one will never get bored in his presence!


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However, our friendship found a new direction, the day he took the risk for me. It was a cheerful bright afternoon, when we planned to hang around with each other (four of us: me, my friend, my brother and another friend) before my brother leaves for Mumbai. We went to a local pub to chill. Unfortunately, our discussion session took a wrong direction and we began to argue and fight with each other. I don’t know the exact reason (probably because of overeating) when I began to feel sick and wanted to vomit.  Immediately, I was moved from the pub and we came to a park in south Kolkata. After that, I don’t remember anything!


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When I came back to my sense, I could hear a lot of voices discussing me. All of them were worried about the fact, whether I should be dropped at home or whether they should take me to some other places. After a lot of confusions and arguments, when none of them could come up with any suitable idea (even my female friend avoided the trouble), he declared that I was going to his place!


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Even at the state of highness, I was wondering how this guy could take the risk of carrying me to his place (whereby he lived with his parents and sister)? It was hardly a few months, that he knew me; and people are already sceptic about young girls (and that too in a high state). Ignoring the fact, that he was about to leave for Mumbai two days later, he used all the cash to pay for the cabs and took me to his own residence!

After this, there was no turning back. My crazy peppy brother will always top my priority list as long as I am alive (no matter how difficult the situation turns out to be); and for obvious reasons,we share a stronger bond than probably any other siblings in this world.  For he is the first person, to take such a risk for me (which even my cousins might not have taken), simply to make sure that I am alright!

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