The impact of reading from a tender age!

There have been many debate sessions organized, about the fact whether reading story books is more effective for a child or watching films. In my personal opinion, both of them are important for a child, while books taking up the first seat. This is because, watching films from a very young age might affect the young eyes badly while reading (or even listening to the audio books ) has no such problems! In fact, many busy parents prefer to turn on the audio stories, to calm down their child or to keep them involved. But did you know that this can actually have a positive impact in your child?


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Reading out loud to your child can help them in many ways:

Many parents wonder why they should read out to their children from the early stage (because they won’t understand a thing).  However, researchers suggest that reading out to the children from a very tender age has a lot of positive impact on them in the coming years.

  • It helps the young ones, to learn about the language or the mediums communication;
  • It helps the child to gather information, about the world;
  • Reading out loud, makes it easier for the child to pick up the concepts of colours, shapes, alphabets or numbers;
  • It develops the listening capacity, memory power as well as the vocabulary of the infants.

In fact, it is said that a normal child usually learns almost all the sounds of the vernacular language in a year after their birth. Reading out loud to them, catalyzes the overall procedure, and makes it easier for the child to talk.


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Reading out naturally!

It does not require any special recitation skills or oratory power to read out to your child. As your child hears the words, it tends to build a strong system of words in the brain of your child. This is why, children in big families (with a lot of people to talk around), learn to pick more words compared to the ones, belonging to small families. Furthermore, these children are known to develop an urge to read or learn at the right age.

Reading out stories (or even listening to the audio stories) evokes, the use of varying expressions and sounds encouraging the emotional development of the child. The infants tend to imitate the elders (their voice or action, which invites them to touch or feel the pages of a book. This has a vital impact, in developing the cognitive skills of a child.


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As you read out to your child, there is a unique bond being developed among you, your child and the books. This will eventually remove the fear of reading and make your child accustomed with the art of reading! So, start reading out to your child from a tender age and instil the good habits in them!

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