Ways to have a positive impact on your children!

It is needless to say, that the impact of the parents, on their children does play a vital role, in designing their mental set up and the paths they choose in their life. As a result, many times, we find the parents turning sceptic about the way they should behave or talk in front of their children, in order to avoid the negative influence. However, there are some sure shot tips, to have a positive impact on the lives of your children, without transforming your lifestyle overnight:
Always be by their side: The first few years are very crucial while raising a child. These are the days when a child begins to gain a fair understanding of the world, and anything they witness around themselves is likely to influence their lives. Thus, it is very crucial to be there around them during this phase (and to monitor their progress closely). This will eventually influence their social behavior and academic career commendably.

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Listen to their problems, rather than fixing: Majority of the parents, commit the mistake of delivering their expert opinion even when the young ones are not seeking a solution. Researchers suggest that in most of the cases, a teenager simply wants to share their problems so that the parents have a fair idea of what is going on in their life. Listening to them and trying to witness the world through their eyes, makes one an understanding parent. If one continues to do this, there will be a point, when the young ones will ask their parents to suggest what suits best for them!

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Explaining them warmly instead of setting up limits: In many cases, the parents commit the mistake of setting up limits for the young ones.
“You should not taste the alcohol because you are underage” or “I know what is best for you”: such statements tend to develop a sense of defensive attitude among the young ones.


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As a result, they will constantly try to prove their parents wrong, leading into a constant tussle between them. The trick is to develop a warm tone, instead of the authoritarian tone, and you can be sure of the positive impact you want to have on your child.

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Play, chat and spend more time with them: As it has been already mentioned above, spending quality time with the children (at least until they are 12) is very crucial. Playing, or chatting with them, will create the much-needed bond with your child. If you have a lot of expectations from your child, communicate it warmly instead of forcing them into the rat race. Share your personal experiences, struggles and failures, in order to offer them an insight into the upcoming challenges of life, and your valuable suggestions to overcome them. You might be amazed to know, that these are likely to have tremendously positive impacts on your child (especially when they learn about your setbacks).


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Try out these few tips, instead of transforming your daily habits overnight; and you will definitely get long lasting results, compared to the fake ones!

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