The impact of environment on the kids!

Many times, the parents seem to be confused about the fact, whether a good schooling has a tremendous impact on the child. Well, certainly it has and this impact tends to last lifelong. But what exactly is meant by a good schooling? Does it merely refer to the teaching staffs or the fellow students? Does it refer to a commendable infrastructure or anything else? Here is your answer!


The impact of the structures: Researchers suggest that the young students are largely influenced by the mediation facilities. In fact, the structure of the school building too has the capacity to influence the behavior of the students (as well as the teachers and the way they teach). As suggested by the eminent environment psychologist, Harold M. Proshansky the physical settings (of an individual) and their physical properties tend to affect the human relationships, attitude and their overall experience! Physical settings are the simple or complex forms of responses (human feelings, attitude, desires or values), which affects the human behavior commendably.
Cognitive outcomes too are results of the environment: It is worth mentioning here, that the environment of an academic institution is also known to affect the cognitive outcomes of a student, their concentration power and memory as well. A student (not only the infants or teenagers but also the University students) is known to have a pleasant attitude and the ability to learn and work more. Obviously, in a comfortable environment with cutting edge tools, the students will devote their full concentration in the academics, resulting in better outputs.


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Impact of the teaching (and non-teaching) staff: It has been aptly said that “charity begins at home”. But the infants are always ready to pick all the good and bad habits (from people around them). Thus, it is very crucial to take them seriously (until they are at least 12) and to instil all the good habits, courtesy and mannerism which will last forever. This is why, the teachers, non-teaching staff, as well as the nannies, have widespread importance in their lives (apart from obviously, the other family members).


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If the infants are taken seriously, and their thirst for knowledge is quenched, with valuable information, their urge to learn will multiply; similarly, if they are scolded or dismissed at the young age, this will inevitably affect their personality. This is why the workaholic parents are ideally recommended to select the nannies and the maidservants carefully since the children are likely to spend more time with them. Thereafter, one should also monitor their behavior towards the young ones from time to time, so as to ensure that the children are safe.
A healthy environment, at home or school, has a lot of impact on the children. So, whenever you are planning your family make sure that you are ready to offer them the best environment and the facilities that will help them to grow into a successful person.

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