Audiobooks: A fantastic alternative for the workaholic bookworms!

In the recent time, there has been a lot of research and analysis about the effectiveness of the audio books. While the majority of the bookworms tend to sham it as worthless, it turns out to be a savior for the workaholic individuals (like me), who find very little time to read.


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Because I was born and brought up in a conservative family, my only source of entertainment (during my childhood) has been story books and radio. I still remember the high school days, when we (me and my sister) used to hide the story books behind the school homework notebooks so that mother failed to detect them.


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Vacations obviously meant that we would forget our lunch or afternoon nap and sit with our eyes glued on the pages of Nancy Drew, Goosebumps and Agatha Christie! Sometimes I would imagine how extraordinary it would have been if I had a wishing chair and a pixie to play with (much like the Edit Blyton stories).  One of the best part of our house is that we had an infinite collection of books (novels, short stories, adventure tales and what not) As a result, we never felt the urge of venturing out into any other form of entertainments; rather, we would try out different genres of literature (to find anything more engaging).


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With the competition of my higher education, even I became a part of the rat race. Today, I hardly have a scope to bluff my clients and indulge myself in the world of literature. Despite possessing one of the greatest collections of PDFs, today I hardly find time to concentrate on reading (unless I am reviewing a book). As a result, the fantastico audio books have turned out to be saviors for me!

In the present scenario, sometimes I feel that even 24 hours is not enough for me to wrap up my work. The only thing, which helps me to keep calm and focused, is the fantastico audio stories (mostly the ones uploaded in YouTube).  It doesn’t matter even if I have to sit in the same chair for 18-20 hours (constantly); I keep playing the audio stories (consistently) and working at the same time. This is one of the best ways of improving my vocabulary, strengthening my imagination power (or my cinematic sense, which is very important for my career) as well as to refresh and rejuvenate my mind. Most importantly, it helps me to retain back my patience for a long time (even though I am very impatient by nature).


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The smell of a brand new book or the feel of touching the pages (of a book we have been longing for) can never be replaced by audio books. But, I am thankful for the edge cutting technologies, because it enables us to access all the expensive and rare books, allowing everyone to read or gain knowledge; and I sincerely thank all the leading radio channels (especially Radio Mirchi) and other service providers, who are constantly feeding the fantastico contents to these YouTube Channels (and improving the audio effects every day)!


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