The peppy cartoon series which makes my day!

Ever since its launch, the popularity of the peppy cartoon character Doraemon (and its franchise) speak volumes about its success. In the era of technological innovations and fast paced lifestyle, such a cartoon series is indeed playing a vital role in understanding our social behavior and the consequences of a technology driven society!


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Ever since my childhood, I have been an ardent fan of comics and cartoons (and this I presume is clearly visible in my blog as well). I believe that, it is one of the most powerful medium of communication, to educate the mass or to demonstrate something (which is probably why majority of the startup owners are looking for illustrators these days); and in this respect, Doraemon is probably one of the most clever cartoon series I have witnessed lately. As a result, I have been obsessed with this cartoon series (ever since my graduation days), to an extent when I would wait throughout the day for my parents to leave the television set for me!

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Thereafter I observed it more closely, to decode the messages it tries to deliver to the little audiences, and I found out some of the interesting stuff. It talks about the majority of the sensitive issues in the contemporary world (for example, about pollution, materialistic world, gender inequality and so on and so forth). The most striking feature of the peppy series is that the central protagonist (a male character) is a weak and fragile character, instead of being a strong and dynamic one (like all the popular shows like Veer The Robot Boy or Arjun The Prince of Bali). Much like any other ordinary boys, he too is poor in the grades and is a mischievous boy (with a golden heart). Each episode are meant to showcase the problems of the teenagers, and how they commit mistakes (by taking shortcuts); and how to overcome the problems in the right way.


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Being a feminist, I always found the majority of the cartoons very disturbing. They portray women in a stereotypical manner (cooking, washing, shopping etc.). However, Doraemon is the only cartoon series after the animated Barbie series (or the other women-centric ones), which portrays the disturbing phase of a child, when he/ she is taught to be a poised lady or an aggressive young lad (which is supposedly their ideal roles as per the social norms). Likewise, it also talks about the problems faced by the relatively weaker (physically or financially) children.

I personally feel that the peppy cartoon series is meant to reflect the contemporary social scenario with sheer perfection and it takes a lot of hard work and observation power to develop it. The children can learn a lot about moral values, virtue, rewards of honesty and (last but not the least), about their academic lessons in a fun way. So dear parents, please stop complaining if your child is watching Doraemon!

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