Music can do wonders!

Ever since time immemorial, music has been used as a therapy for relieving stress, anxiety and blood pressure. Unfortunately, even today many people are unaware of the fact, that it has the capacity to reduce pain, let the muscles relax as well as to transform the mood of an individual. In fact, different kinds of music has different kinds of effect on an individual; while peppy music tunes can energize the body, a soothing one can let the body relax and sleep better (which is probably why we sing lullabies for the little ones); and the funny part is, majority of us tend to reap the maximum benefits of it unknowingly!

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The journey of the musical notes:
The musical notes are meant to pass to the different parts of the body after they hit the human ears. The sound waves first reach the middle ears and compel the eardrums to create a vibration. Next, the mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy by the human brain (the cortex) and it enters the central part of the brain which is responsible for our feelings, emotion etc. Thereafter, it moves to the hypothalamus which is responsible for respiratory functions, beating of the heart, blood pressure, as well as the nerves present in the skin and stomach. It is needless to say, that the entire trip is completed in less than a single heartbeat!
Research results in the Heart Magazine:
A recent study, in the magazine “Heart” shows, how listening to a fast music can accelerate the respiratory as well as heart rate; while a slow music, has a relaxing effect. The research also revealed the effects of music on the musicians and professionals.

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Some amazing facts about music:

• Researchers suggest that the choice of music can predict the personality and nature of an individual.
• Children are known to have a better reasoning sense and cognitive skills if they learn to play a musical instrument consistently for several years.
# They have an improved vocabulary, better understanding of relationships, colors, shapes and dimensions.
• Classic music can improve the visual attention of an individual (irrespective of any age). In fact, music or noise tends to affect the majority of our sense organs (eye, ear, and nose; if not skin and tongue).
• Music catalyzes creative minds and physical activities. This is perhaps a fact which everyone would agree! Silence means boredom and thereby does not help us to come up with any creative endeavor; music, certainly helps us a lot in this respect.


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These are but, only a few benefits of music. Researchers claim, that some of the music are equally effective as the sedatives and has the capacity to relieve the body from the majority of the cardiovascular diseases! So, choose your music wisely and stay fit and active for the years to come!

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