The Impact of Regulating Your Emotions on Your Child!

Did you notice that your little one is secretly imitating your words or actions? It is one of the common tendencies of the young ones to be highly influenced by the people, actions and the words they witness around them. Thus, it is very crucial for the parents to control their adrenal rush and deal with the problems calmly.

  • The impact of the behavioural patterns: Children (in most of the cases), will not obey the parents; but will eventually imitate the elders. Quarrelling or yelling at the top of the voice, slamming the doors or breaking the household items, in front of your child can lead to disaster. These kind of behavioural abnormalities are nothing, but the defensive attitude, to cover up your pain or grief. If you can control your anger, they will also learn to keep calm during a hazardous situation (or when they are upset).


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  • Make them feel comfortable: Much like us, the children too want to feel the warmth of love and stay connected with us; but, at times, their anger or sorrow stops them from normal behavior. The calmness and understanding nature of the parents tend to heal their heart and make them feel comfortable. It is very crucial for either of the parents to play this role, especially when the other one if upset. This will help them to open up, instead of being scared or angry.

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  • Earn your respect and love: It is very crucial, to make your child realize that even though they might not always get what they want, they are lucky to have an understanding parent (even if you do not always permit them). When a child respects the parents, they become dependable on their guidance. This makes the task of guiding them, easier.


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  • Keep your stress and anxiety away: It is needless to say that, children are very sensitive towards the anxieties of the elders. One might be amazed to know that, even though they might not share their problems, the young ones tend to pick it up on their own. This is inevitably visible in their behavior or attitude.

The best part is that it is never too late to rectify your age old habits! Start early and regulate your feelings in order to have a positive impact on your child. It might seem to be an impossible task at the initial stage, but all you need it to be calm and compassionate towards your child; and you can be sure, that you have followed the fundamental steps towards being a good parent!


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In case you find it very difficult to review your behavior, you may ask someone else to do it for you. Practicing this from an early stage will help you to overcome your problems, and present your child a better life!


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