5 fantastico tips for the budding photographers!

Ever since the discovery of the SLR cameras, the majority of the fashionable youths across the country began to consider themselves as passionate photographers! The digital technology has certainly made the art of photography accessible to the commoners. Today, we can make innumerable mistakes while clicking a single image (which was practically impossible with the analogue cameras) because it is relatively less expensive and we need to worry no longer about storing them.
However, this does not hold true for a wildlife photographer, photojournalist or a documentary filmmaker. This is because, for these professionals, the subject means everything. One cannot simply let go the subject because he or she is busy with the light meter or the focus! Similarly, in the case of big events or celebrations, one cannot simply ask the clients to re-do every action in order to engage in the artistic creation. They have to be cautious all the time so that they do not leave out any important activity while adjusting the lens. If you have just stepped into the world of photography, here are five fantastico tips to get you started:
1. Learn about the nuts and bolts of your gadget: It is very crucial to understand every single function of your camera (whether you are using a Nikon or Canon), the buttons and the indicators. It is very crucial to gain an expertise with the level of control so that you can move towards a wider range of lenses.
#Do not moan for expensive lenses if you have just started.
2. Pre-planning and location scouting: Exactly like the filmmakers, a photographer too needs to check out the shooting spot to find out the best positions, or vantage points. It is important to conceptualize a shot beforehand so that you can try to get the similar angles or frames.
3. Try out simple, but bold stuff: Be prepared to move in and fill up the frame. You may also ask the subject to move away from the center or try out bold close-up shots; but make sure, they do not distract your image from the main subject.
4. Make the most of the lights: Using the light source creatively can transform an image completely. The key to clicking a good image is a good frame and lights. Try to use the natural lights as much as you can and you might be able to develop some interesting patterns.
5. Use random people to lighten up your image: If you are clicking images during a trip, try to incorporate the local people (in action). You might amazed to find how each image can narrate a story!
As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, a real photographer is meant to convey a meaningful story through an image. Follow these fantastic tips, and liven up your images!

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